Stampin’ Up!’s Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit: Part 1

Of all the paper crafting activities, I most enjoy designing and making cards.  I don’t make a lot of 3-D projects, and I mostly stay away from home decor (no judgement against those types of projects – they just aren’t typically “my thing”).  I enjoy completing some of Stampin’ Up!’s project kits and Paper Pumpkin kits, but I live for making cards.

This past weekend, I pulled up to my craft table to complete the Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit in preparation for a class.  The name says it all – oh, what fun!  I really enjoyed following along with the directions on this one – no added flair, no changes to the original designs.  I am so pleased with the collection of tags that resulted from my efforts.  Oh what fun!

Here’s a peek at what you get with the Oh What Fun Project Kit:

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin' Up!

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin’ Up!

The kit coordinates with this stamp set (not included with the kit):

Oh What Fun Photopolymer Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!

Oh What Fun Photopolymer Stamp Set, Stampin’ Up!

And here’s what you have when you are done – you end up with THREE of each of these tags.  That’s a total of 30 tags!

If that’s not enough to convince you that you need this kit, my Mom gives the Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit her official seal of approval.  When she spent some time with my niece and nephews this past week, she packed up an Oh What Fun Tags Project Kit and took it along with her.  They all had a lot of fun putting the kit together.

Sophie (9 years old) really enjoyed assembling the tags:

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin' Up!Her brothers, Marshall (11 years old) and Kellett (7 years old), enjoyed helping, too.

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin' Up!

The pictures in the instructions showed them the templates they needed to complete the projects.  Kellett really enjoyed punching out the tags and finding the matching pieces that coordinated with the pictures:

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin' Up!

I also put this kit together over the weekend in preparation for a class with one of my local stamp groups.  My work space didn’t look nearly as tidy as the one Sophie, Marshall and Kellett used:

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin' Up!

I even buckled down and handled the glittery snowflakes that come with the kit.  I don’t exaggerate when I say these things are CAKED with glitter.  A total nightmare – but they are really beautiful.  I managed to get through it unscathed.

Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, Stampin' Up!

I am sharing more about this AWESOME Project Kit tomorrow.  I completed the project with 10 members of my local stamp group – I’m sharing pictures from that event, tips on ways to administer this kind of kit to a large group of people and advice on the right adhesives to use for all the great items included in the kit.  Yippee!

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  1. Suzie Patt Cullen

    I ordered that kit, Brian. How fun to see your niece and nephews putting them together with your mom. And YOU made it through using the highly glittered snowflakes! Good job, Brian ? I love these kinds of kits every so often where the designing is done for you and you can relax, put them together, and end up with a bunch of whatever … cards, tags, etc!

  2. Great project for the little ones! (Big ones, too!) 🙂

  3. I too enjoyed this putting this kit together. It was pretty simple with stunning results plus it made me feel less guilty for not have started my Christmas shopping yet. I may not have the gifts but I do have the tags. LOL I agree with you – every stamper should get this kit. Fun and practicality combined for sure.

  4. One of the things I like most about this kit is the change to bring friends and family together to craft as a group. It’s so easy and the results are so WOW!

  5. I love seeing kids craft! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post and any tips you’ll share:-). Love this kit!!

  6. Love this kit!
    I’m anxious to hear about your class with this kit.

  7. I ordered the stamp set, and I can’t WAIT to use it. My box is scheduled to arrive tomorrow….I may not make it that long!!

  8. Great and so much fun seeing the kiddos enjoying the set! : }

  9. Awesome! I had been made that tags all done! It is easy and enjoy! 🙂

  10. Cute family pix! I love this stamp set and what cute tags it makes !
    Love the fonts on some of these stamps ! You could put some of these on a card front and have an instant creation !

  11. I love seeing kids having fun creating, just like this group of cuties around this table. One of the things about this craft is that you see your creation take shape before your very eyes, you feel proud and happy when you share it with friends and family.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome family pictures.

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