A Western Congratulations for PP289

Before I share my card for this week’s Paper Players challenge, I want to thank Joanne James for selecting my masculine, striped thank you card as her pick in last week’s Paper Players challenge.  What fun!  I enjoyed making that card and loved LeAnne’s sketch, so a selection was icing on the [already delicious] cake.  Thanks, Joanne!  If you missed that card, you can see it here.

The Paper Players have a fun theme challenge from Laurie Schmidt this week – Western.  I searched the Fungeon high and low for anything that would work on a Western card.  The horse from Barnyard Babies was a maybe (that would make it a Barnyard-Babies-Maybe), but that wasn’t enough.  I wanted something bigger than that.  I reached for some stamps that aren’t part of a Western theme to make a card that has a Western appeal.  Here’s what I came up with:

Watercolor Wings, Bravo, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, PP289, Western card

And here’s the banner for the challenge that inspired my card:

Tips, Tricks and Reminders

  • Create a Pattern.  Do you know which stamp set I used to create this red and blue background on this congratulations card?  I’ll give you a hint – it’s Watercolor Wings.  Oh, dang!  I just right-out told you!  As I was flipping through the catalogs, looking for images to create a handkerchief backdrop, I started to feel lost.  That’s when I thumbed to Watercolor Wings and searched the set to find this image that could be converted to a pattern – the small “inside” of the butterflies wings.  I created a fun pattern that really translates to “Western” – don’t you think?  The image I used is the one to the right of “Just for you.”

    Watercolor Wings, Stampin' Up!

    Watercolor Wings, Stampin’ Up!

  • Careful Dots.  After I had created a huge backdrop for my card, I added the three dots that are found above this image in the stamp set picture above.  Fair warning about using these dots – the human mind wants to turn these dots into eyes and a mouth, so make sure you carefully position them on a card so that they don’t translate that way.  Much better to have three dots on your card than a bunch of little faces with surprised expressions.  You’ll thank me later.  🙂
  • Western Colors.  Although most handkerchiefs that I’ve ever seen are red and white, I used to have one that was red, white and navy blue.  As such, these colors were an easy pick for me – I went with Real Red and Night of Navy on a Whisper White base.  Not only are these colors patriotic and nautical, but they look great on a handkerchief.  If you like these colors, too, feel free to save this:Stampin' Up! Color Inspiration: Real Red, Night of Navy, Whisper White

Stamp Sets:  Watercolor Wings, Bravo  Papers:  Real Red, Night of Navy, Whisper White  Inks:  Real Red, Night of Navy  Accessories:  Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack (star), White Perfect Accents, Stampin’ Dimensionals

THERE’S MORE.  I was so happy with the way this pattern turned out that I filmed a video to showcase it.  I’ll share that video with you on Friday, along with a couple more tips and tricks for creating this card.  YIPPEE!

I hope you’ll pop over to the Paper Players to see the cards by the design team members and to play along with this week’s challenge.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Marilyn Mae Thurber

    Fabulous card. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Omg, Brian! You gotta be kidding? Of all the thousands of images you must have thumbed through to find these to make your background! And I do believe you nailed it with these two little images from a “Butterfly set” no less! Amazing! I certainly love your card making talent!

  3. Ok Brian – so I’m taking credit for the inspiration with Woody’s neckerchief for this one 😉 I was so hoping you were going to make something for this week’s challenge because I just knew it would be good – and you so didn’t disappoint, you clever, clever thing you!! The pattern is truly inspired and the colours perfect. Western, without a cowboy or red indian in sight! Thanks for joining us over at The Paper Players for our western theme challenge this week!

  4. Such a creative way to produce a western vibe. The colors were perfect and the background stamping was so clever!

  5. How very clever you are, Brian. Your creative eye never ceases to amaze me.

  6. MaryJo Marshall

    This is a very cool card! You are a genius!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks totally Western to me. Brilliant!

  8. Only you….wow…amazing, this has cowboy written all over.

  9. Oh Brian – you crack me up! Barnyard-Babies-Maybe, I mean really. that was so so funny! I have to agree with everyone that it takes a special type of creative mind to turn part of a butterfly wing into a western hankie background. What kind of brain food do you eat that makes you so brilliant and creative? Whatever it is, I want some. I love when I start the day with a smile and you usually do put a smile on my face. Big hugs to you my friend. 🙂

  10. Amazing!! Never would have guessed that set!

  11. Your ‘careful dots’ tip literally made me spew my coffee. Okay, spew is hyperbolic, but trust me, I’m grateful that I had a saucer beneath my cup! I’m leaving this post up all day so I can wander over to the computer and crack up whenever things get too heavy. Hugs, Brian!

    • Chellie – it could have been worse. If the dots were positioned wrong, you would have SEEN the little faces all over my handkerchief. 🙂 Glad you like it and happy to entertain. <3

  12. You certainly came up with a CLEVER and awesome idea for a Western card Brian! That stamped background is amazing and just perfect for the challenge. Thanks for “roundin’ up” a card for the Western Challenge at The Paper Players this week! Have a great day!

    • Laurie – I’m so happy you like it. I know it’s not over-the-top Western, but it has an appeal. So glad for your challenge – it really challenged me. 🙂

  13. Brian, only YOU could find a tiny butterfly image and turn it into a Western handkerchief. And then tell us to move the 3 dots slightly so they don’t look like eyes and a nose. You are nothing short of BRILLIANT! I just adore your creativity and the fact that you make me see things in such different ways. Now, if I could only make my brain remember what you tell us. This is such a great card, Brian. I love it.

  14. Oh come on! Your creativity is BEYOND human! Great card!

  15. Mind officially blown. 🙂

  16. This is just rootin-tootin’ clever! Great way to get extra use from your stamps! Love your hand-stamped bandanna…great Western feel to the whole card! Thanks for playing!

  17. Genius points for this one! I love how you made a bandana print with butterfly wings!

  18. Love, love, love it. Absolutely excellent!!!

  19. Great card, Brian. Love what you did with the color combo.

  20. Well, Brian, this one totally takes the cake!!

  21. Brian,

    This card is brilliant! Thank you for sharing your “out of the box” thinking with such!

  22. Clever use of the stamps! ! You’re comment about “a bunch of little faces with surprised expressions” made me look it up, laugh out loud, and I’ll never see that stamp as antthing else. 🙂

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  24. This is great. I think I am going to case your card and change to school colors and use for graduation cards this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

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