2020 Annual Catalog Product Shares & Designer Series Paper Swatch Books

Does your heart go pitter-patter when you flip through a new catalog for the first time?  Does the excitement of ordering new products make you smile?  Do you sniffle when you unpack your boxes of brand new Stampin’ Up! goodies?  Well, today might be your day!  It’s time for me to roll out my Product Shares and Designer Series Paper Swatch Books for Stampin’ Up!’s 2020 Annual Catalog.  What fun!  This catalog is packed with amazing, new products – and I’m thrilled to share them with you.

Product Shares

With the launch of each catalog, I host product shares that give you the opportunity to take the amazing papers, ribbons and accessories for a test drive before you decide which ones you can’t live without – and there are A LOT of new items you can’t live without.  What is a product share?  Here’s a little cartoon I created a while back to help explain how a product share works:

Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 1 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 2 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 3 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 4 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 5 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 6Now that you are fully versed on what shares are (you are so smart and learn so fast), here’s how the process for these shares works:

  • Sign up for a spot in one (or more) of the product shares – I’ve included a handy registration form at the base of this post.
  • I will bill you through PayPal when all seats in your share are filled.
  • On June 3, I’ll place an order for the closed out (and paid) shares.
  • Once I receive the product, I’ll quickly divide it up and ship it straight to you.
  •  I will smile, and you will smile.  We’ll be very happy people. ♥

Shipping is free for all of my shares, but I’m only offering to ship once. If products are in a backorder state when the catalog is released, then I’ll either refund you the difference or wait until all product is received. I can’t wait for you to take part in these shares – trust me when I say you’ll WANT IT ALL, and it’s worth every penny. 

Here are my 2020 Annual Catalog Product Share offerings in a tidy, printable .pdf:

Product Shares 2020 Annual CatalogThe “I Want it All” Share includes ALL of the items from all of the options (Swatch Books, Papers, Ribbons and Embellishments) at a $10 discount and no additional charge for shipping.  In addition, every I Want it All Share will receive a FREE GIFT FROM ME (along with my undying affection)!

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books

With the release of each catalog, I create Designer Series Paper Swatch Books – and I love to share them with you. With your purchase of Designer Series Paper Swatch Books from the 2020 Annual Catalog, you will receive 10 books filled with the new and gorgeous papers that I have cut and labeled just for you.

Here’s a look at the books:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up! Brian KingThese papers are perfect for all of your stamping projects! Each book is wrapped with a coordinating color of cardstock and labeled for easy identification:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up! Brian KingThe books for 6″ x 6″ Designer Series Papers (and the In Good Taste 12″ x 12″ Designer Series Paper in this catalog) include 12 pages of designs, all cut to 3″ x 6″. The books for all the other 12″ x 12″ Designer Series Papers include 6 pages, staggered by 1/4″ to make it easy to flip through all the amazing designs:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up! Brian King The back cover of each book includes the name of the paper, the product number, the colors showcased in the papers and the catalog in which the papers are featured:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up! Brian KingI carry my books to all of my classes so my customers can see and touch all of the amazing papers. I store my books in a little tin on the edge of my desk – it’s such an easy reference tool when I’m creating! Here’s a look at last year’s Annual Catalog papers in my little tin:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up! Brian King

Here’s why you need these Designer Series Paper Swatch Books (if you didn’t already know):

  • If you are a stamper or card designer:
    • These books are a perfect reference guide for your DSP while you are busy creating beautiful projects – quickly pick the colors and patterns you want to use.
    • All the coordinating colors are included on the back of the books. How nice!
    • The staggered pages on the books make it easy for you to flip through to see all the colors and patterns.
    • The books are small enough to sit at the edge of your desk – they won’t ever get in the way. I store mine in a cute metal bucket.  It goes where I go in the Fungeon.
  • If you are a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator:
    • These swatch books are perfect for showcasing the beautiful DSP to your party guests, club members and customers.  They will buy more DSP when they can see it and touch it – I promise!
    • The staggered pages make it very easy for your customers to flip through so they can easily see both the front and back of the DSP.
    • They are lightweight and portable, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go.
    • The swatch books are a perfect gift for your party hosts, your best customers or your hard-working team members. Feel free to order multiples! ♥

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up! Brian King

I think you are ready to place your order! Please complete the form below with your information and the shares you’d like to join. I’ll send a PayPal invoice when your share has filled.  It’s THAT easy!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sign Up for Shares Here:


  1. This will be my third product share with Brian. I have never met him in person however he is true to his word!

    The products are mailed to my home nicely packaged and protected with a precious thank you punch tag.

    I am amazed how quickly he turns my order around working in his fungeon!

    Try it at least once I promise you won’t regret it. It’s a great way to get a little bit of everything at a great price.

    • I’ve participated in many “ shares” over the years. It’s a great way to have a “ hands on” experience with the new products. They are exciting & inspiring in so many ways. Perfect to use when you only need enough for one project. I use them on cards for my grandchildren all the time!! Go ahead, give it a try. You won’t regret it!!

    • Kathryn Murray

      I have received these shares for a few years, and they are FANTASTIC! They are beautifully packaged and make your purchase decisions so much easier. I highly recommend these shares.

  2. Barbara Riefner

    I have ordered Brian’s product share for several years now and he does not disappoint. I have used these swatches several times to decide what to use on a project, or to decide which designer packet I wish to buy. He deos a great efficient job to get them to everyone and the packaging is great. Easy to store and refer to.

  3. A product share was my first interaction with Brian. He truly invests all the time it takes to make the packages just a described. The purchase process is easy and you will receive an email string he’s shipped your package! I count down to every delivery. You will LOVE the product shares! They help me to decide which stamps I really want to purchase for coordination.
    Order yours TODAY! You do NOT want to miss out!

  4. Toni Leidenfrost

    I have purchased Brian’s share for years now. I find them a great resource for my future purchases for the next 2 years! Like the “tasting menu” In a
    restaurant !

  5. I’ve been ordering the DSP books from Brian for many years. As a Stampin’Up demonstrator these books have been invaluable to me in letting my customers see all the beautiful DSP paper. They are a great resource to me as well when designing cards for my class. Thank you Brian!

  6. The swatch books are a “must-have”. They help me make decisions on DSP a snap. So much easier to flip through the patterns and colors. The shares are a great way to get a little bit of everything.

  7. Brian’s product share and swatch books are a “don’t miss”! It is like opening a Christmas package when it arrives-so nicely packaged and in perfect condition with a sweet tag. I especially love the swatch books because they make picking a DSP and coordinating paper so much easier and faster. Thanks for offering these, Brian!!

  8. I have been buying Brian’s DSP shares for years. I look forward to it every catalog. I love the way he makes his packages. I take them with me to parties and the guest love that they can actually see the “real” thing. Thanks Brian. Can’t wait to get mine.

  9. I’ve gotten a paper share from Brian for several years. I like that he gives big 6×12 pieces of the 12 inch papers.

  10. Brian does a wonderful job with all these shares..I usually get the ribbon shares and they come so nicely wrapped. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Awesome product share very professional done. I have ordered these for a couple of years and have never been disappointed in the great job that Brain does to put these together. I don’t get rid of my retired paper so they are a great resource to use when you can’t remember where you put your catalog from a couple years back. Also when matching up card stock it is much easier to carry these swatch books instead of a whole pack of paper around. Take the plunge you won’t be sorry you did.

  12. I have purchased shares several times from Brian, they are beautifully packaged and put together with care he’s my go to guy.

  13. Brian does a quality job preparing his designer paper shares. I have been ordering them for years and I’m never been disappointed. They are really helpful when choosing color combos two pair with the DSP papers. If you order them you will not be sorry.Looking forward to getting mine for the 2020 Dash 2021 year. They are really helpful when choosing color combos to pair with the DSP papers. If you order them you will not be sorr

  14. I have been getting Brian’s DSP swatch books for several years now. I always get two sets, one for me to use at home and the other to take to my classes. I love them and so do my customers. Makes such a big difference for them to be able to see and feel the papers, always much better than a picture. And Brian does an outstanding job of providing a well-made sampling as well as great service.

  15. I LOVE the product shares from Brian. The papers give me a chance to try them out before ordering a full package. I sometimes use the papers in my scrapbooking endeavors.

  16. Suzanne Parrot Troxel

    I have ordered paper and ribbon shares from Brian for a few years. He packages them up so nice!! You can tell how much time & love he puts into it!! You will not be sorry if you order!! Always look forward to receiving all the goodies!!! Thank you Brian!!

  17. I have been getting Brian’s shares for several
    years now. They are the best. You have a
    little of everything new in the catalogue. The
    swatches are so helpful in matching DSP
    and Cardstock don’t miss out on this!

  18. I have been buying Brian’s Swatch Books for years, and plan to buy them as long as he offers them. These Swatch Books enable my customers to see the Designer Series Papers first-hand, and they often comment “these papers look so much prettier in person than they do in the catalog”. I sell more DSP by being able to show my customers the paper.

  19. I am a HUGE fan of the swatch books! So much easier than thumbing through pack after pack of DSP trying to find just the right paper. Especially helpful when trying to find a designer paper from years past, and you can’t remember the name. A must have resource in my stamp area.

  20. I have been subscribing to Brian’s product shares for several years and so look forward to receiving them before each catalog release. It’s always like Christmas morning! The Swatch Books are the best and have been so helpful in matching the designer series paper and the card stock. I highly recommend being a part of Brian’s product shares!

  21. My order has been placed. Brian’s shares are excellent! I put these out all year for my monthly classes, and everyone LOVES them! In fact, having the DSP shares has increased my paper sales. And, when the papers retire, I have customers and friends who actually fight over who gets to take some home! They make cards with the samples. Brian does all the work, and we get to reap all the rewards. You won’t be sorry if you order any of his shares. Great resources.

  22. Cheryl McAskill

    Brian does an excellent job of putting these ‘books’ together for the swatch of NEW dsp and such! All are labeled and the colors printed on the back! Awesome Sauce!


    I love the DSP Swatch Books. They make it so easy to see all the different papers and to pick a coordinating color.

  24. Trinidad Brink

    The DSP Swatch Books are awesome! I love that Brian includes the colors on the back. Makes things easy-peasy! The embellishment and ribbon shares are a great way to try the product out too. Thanks Brian!!

  25. I look forward to the swatch books each catalog. They are a great selling tool to have in your classes or to just show customers what the look and feel of the DSP is. Where I REALLY love them is long after the DSP has retired I can look at them to find the perfect paper from my huge stash of DSP without spending ours pouring over old catalogs or sorting through my stash. Thank you Brian for this great service you provide! 🙂

  26. I have enjoyed Brian’s product shares for several years. It’s really hard to picture what some of the papers and ribbons look like just from the catalog. The shares give a perfect overview of everything! And I love that the swatch books have the coordinating colors listed on the back of the booklet. So helpful.

  27. Dawn Schneider

    Hi Brian
    I love your DSP product share booklets! They are so professional and easy to choose when you can see all at once.
    I have been buying them for many years!
    I use them all the time when I’m putting cards together( ideas) and they are the perfect size for travel
    It’s so helpful to see the papers in person as the catalog can not always capture the real look

  28. I have ordered Brian’s Swatch Books for years!! They are amazing and such a great resource for finding coordinating cardstock colors which are listed on the back of each one. So much easier to be able to see all the papers up close and personal , makes a huge difference! I also have mine in a tin that sits on my desk. I highly recommend them for anyone who creates!

  29. I love the swatch books. They help me plan my card making … much easier to flip through the little books. Brian: No paypal for me. Will send you a check when you have them ready.

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