Product Shares & Designer Series Paper Swatch Books (2021 Annual Catalog)

Does your heart go pitter-patter when you flip through a new catalog for the first time?  Does the excitement of ordering new products make you smile?  Do you sniffle when you unpack your boxes of brand new Stampin’ Up! goodies?  Well, today might be your day!  It’s time for me to roll out my Product Shares and Designer Series Paper Swatch Books for Stampin’ Up!’s 2021 Annual Catalog.  What fun!  This catalog is packed with amazing, new products – and I’m thrilled to share them with you.

Product Shares

With the launch of each catalog, I host product shares that give you the opportunity to take the amazing papers, ribbons and accessories for a test drive before you decide which ones you can’t live without – and there are A LOT of new items you can’t live without.  What is a product share?  Here’s a little cartoon I created a while back to help explain how a product share works:

Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 1 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 2 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 3 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 4 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 5 Stampin' Up! Product Shares, Brian King 6Now that you are fully versed on what shares are (you are so smart and learn so fast), here’s how the process for these shares works:

  • Sign up for a spot in one (or more) of the product shares – I’ve included a handy registration form at the base of this post.
  • I will bill you through PayPal when all seats in your share are filled (on or after April 27).
  • On May 4, I’ll place an order for the closed out/paid shares.
  • Once I receive the product, I’ll quickly divide it up and ship it straight to you.
  •  I will smile, and you will smile.  We’ll be very happy people. ♥

I can’t wait for you to take part in these shares. Trust me when I say you’ll WANT IT ALL – and it’s worth every penny. Here are my 2021 Annual Catalog Product Share offerings in a tidy, printable .pdf:

2021 Annual Catalog Shares Picture

I know you are going to love these brand new products – and there’s no better way than to get a little bit of each.

The “I Want it All” Share is the best option of them all! The “I Want it All” Share includes ALL of the items from all of the options (Swatch Books, Papers, Ribbons/Embellishments and Designer Series Paper Stacks) at a $5 discount and no additional charge for shipping.  In addition, every “I Want it All” Share will receive a FREE GIFT FROM ME (along with my undying affection)!

More About Designer Series Paper Swatch Books

With the release of each catalog, I create Designer Series Paper Swatch Books – and I love to share them with you. With your purchase of Designer Series Paper Swatch Books from Stampin’ Up!’s 2021 Annual Catalog, you will receive 11 books filled with the new and gorgeous papers that I have cut and labeled just for you.

These papers are perfect for all of your stamping projects! Each book is wrapped with a coordinating color of cardstock and labeled for easy identification:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up!, Brian King

The books for 6″ x 6″ Designer Series Papers include 6 pages of designs (a new configuration of the 6″ x 6″ papers in this catalog), all cut to 3″ x 6″. The books for all the other 12″ x 12″ Designer Series Papers include 6 pages, staggered by 1/4″ to make it easy to flip through all the amazing designs:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up!, Brian King

The back cover of each book includes the name of the paper, the product number, the colors showcased in the papers and the catalog in which the papers are featured:

Designer Series Paper Swatch Books, Stampin Up!, Brian King

I carry my books to all of my classes so my customers can see and touch all of the amazing papers. I store my books in a little tin on the edge of my desk – it’s such an easy reference tool when I’m creating!

We haven’t been able to order many of the Designer Series Papers from the 2021 Annual Catalog, so I don’t have a picture of all my books together. I’ll share once I can order these papers on May 4.

Here’s why you need these Designer Series Paper Swatch Books (if you didn’t already know):

  • If you are a stamper or card designer:
    • These books are a perfect reference guide for your DSP while you are busy creating beautiful projects – quickly pick the colors and patterns you want to use.
    • All the coordinating colors are included on the back of the books. How nice!
    • The staggered pages on the books make it easy for you to flip through to see all the colors and patterns.
    • The books are small enough to sit at the edge of your desk – they won’t ever get in the way. I store mine in a cute metal bucket.  It goes where I go in the Fungeon.
  • If you are a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator:
    • These swatch books are perfect for showcasing the beautiful DSP to your party guests, club members and customers.  They will buy more DSP when they can see it and touch it – I promise!
    • The staggered pages make it very easy for your customers to flip through so they can easily see both the front and back of the DSP.
    • They are lightweight and portable, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go.
    • The swatch books are a perfect gift for your party hosts, your best customers or your hard-working team members. Feel free to order multiples! ♥

I think you are ready to place your order! Please complete the form below with your information and the shares you’d like to join. I’ll send a PayPal invoice after April 27 and when your share has filled.  It’s THAT easy!

If you want multiples of shares (because you like to share with others), please email me your wishlist at

Thanks for stopping by!


Sign Up for Shares Here:


  1. Barbara M Riefner

    I have participated in Brian’s shares for the past several years. I truly believe he has the best offering and I have been more than happy with the product he produces. He is timely and it is all packaged beautifully. That is why I keep coming back to him.

  2. Swatch books, please! I have ordered Brian’s swatch books for years. The books make it quick and easy to make creative decisions about which DSP to use. Much more convenient and less overwhelming than pulling all the full-sized DSP out and cluttering up my desk.

  3. I have been watching and impatiently waiting for Brian to post his product shares/DSP swatch books for the 2021-2022 Annual Catalog. I have become a repeat customer and one that looks forward to getting my name in the hat for his fabulous DSP swatch books. I’m giddy that I’m now on the list and look forward to adding the upcoming swatch book to my craft room. If you’ve not ever gotten one of them and are on the fence about it, just do it, you’ll not be sorry you did. The ability to look at swatch books vs going through all the different paper packs is a huge timesaver. Thank You Brian King for putting forth the time and energy it takes to do these.

    • Awww…thank you so much, Ginger! What a wonderful response – I’m grateful for your kindness and am happy you are a happy returning customer. ♥

  4. I have been buying Brian’s swatch books forever and they come in quite handy when I do parties. They are easy to carry and pass around for customers to get a look at the actual paper before they purchase it. I look forward to the swatches every catalog. Thanks, Brian. I’ve been waiting patiently.

  5. Brian does a fantastic job with his shares. I too, like all the other ladies, especially love the swatch books. My favorite part is that he has the matching colors listed on the back of each. The shares are always fun to get – kind of like a super duper happy Christmas present. Thanks Brian for doing all that work for us.

    • I’m so glad you participate in the shares, Grace – but I’m even happier that you love them so much. The Fungeon feels like Christmas, too, when all of these goodies arrive. I’m happy to get all the packages out to all the participants. Happiness all around.

  6. I have been keeping a weathered eye out for this post since I love my Brian King ribbon shares each new annual catalog! Looking forward to getting hands on lots of bits of new ribbon and embellies! Thanks my friend for offering this!

  7. Every time Brian announces his share, I always buy the “I want it all”! It’s the best buy I make at the start of a catalog. I have tried a few share offers with others and Brian’s are definitely the best I have found. His shares are a generous sampling that will give you a “try before I buy” on all the new products! So, if you have an idea, you can create it! And most importantly, the “I Want It All” includes the swatch books. Definitely the best made swatch books available. Everything comes packaged beautifully and neatly that it’s like getting a present! The free gift Is always an item I really wanted. What’s not to love?

    • You are so wonderful, Susan, to share all of this. I appreciate it more than you can know. ♥ And – I always love to see your name come through for the shares. Makes me happy you love them so much.

  8. Yes!!! On the Swatch Book list!!! These are so helpful when doing a project! With the colors used in the DSP conveniently listed on the back, I have the information I need at my finger tips without pulling out the whole pack of DSP or searching in catalog. I decided to treat myself and get the the Ribbons and Embellishments as well! Thanks Brian!

  9. I’ve been waiting for this day! I am fairly new to Brian’s shares. They are wonderful!! This time I am adding the Swatch Books to my order. They will be so handy to keep on my desk.

    • You are going to love the books, Marsha! I’m so happy you’ve added them in. You won’t be able to NOT order them after this. What fun! ♥ Thank you for your kind words!

  10. Love Brian`s SHARES !!! It is fun to have a sample of all the designer paper plus I like the 6×12 size that Brian offers for the 12×12 sized papers .
    Can`t wait !!!

  11. The majority of my DSP sales come from Brian’s swatch books.
    Customers are able to see & feel the gorgeous colors and textures of the collections. On the back are the catalog item numbers and coordinating card stock colors. I hand write the price on the back (my wish list you Brian is to add the price.) This makes it a breeze for customers to add the items on their order form without having to look them up in the catalog. Thank you Brian for providing this valuable service.

    • I’m so happy you love these books and that they help you to share this paper with customers – even happier that you see a difference in your sales. I’ve kept the price off the labels because I’ve run out of space on some that have so many colors. I’ll see if I can come up with another way to add it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. These product shares are amazing! Great way to know if I want to order MORE of a particular paper. I appreciate the work that goes into assembling these wonderful packages, so THANK YOU Brian!!!

  13. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the swatchbook. when I first saw them advertised, I didn’t get it. But once I ordered the first set, I was hooked. I am constantly pulling them out to figure out colors, etc. for the older DSP piece I have from prior releases and always have the current ones on the table while working. I so appreciate all the work you put into getting these together for us.

    • These comments make me so happy, Mary! I love that you were skeptical at first but then found out why you need these books in your life. ♥ I appreciate your amazing feedback and love pulling these together for you!

  14. Brian, will you be offering a King Bundle of New In-Color Products this year? Want to know before I make decision on Product Shares.

  15. I’ve been ordering Brian’s Swatch Books for years and I’ll continue to do so, as long as he’s creating them. I’m a demonstrator and Brian’s books are always well received by my customers and my team. Having them out on my table during my classes has really helped to increase my paper sales. Brian does all the work, and he does an amazing job! I look forward to getting these several times a year. You won’t be sorry!

    • Thank you so much for this incredible testimony, Bobbi! I appreciate your kind words so much. I’m glad you and your customers find these books helpful. I love making them for you!

  16. Brian’s product shares are the best. I have been ordering the ‘I want it All’ for a couple of years now and have never been disappointed. I anxiously await an email with information on the product shares whenever a new catalog is announced. Brian, you are the best!

    • How can I be the best, Jan, when YOU are clearly the best?! Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback and kind testimonial. I’m always happy to see your name come through my email and happy to share with you! Thanks!

  17. I am so eager to see it’s time for Brian’s share! I have been watching for the announcement so I don’t miss. Thank you, Brian, for all you do.

  18. Brian, I appreciate you sending me a catalog, but I got 4 this time, and I cant use them all, so they go to my local demonstrator. I dont want you to spend the money on me , since I order locally. But, I do love your blog and your creations. MANY THANKS! me

    • Thanks for letting me know, Nancy! I’ll make a note to not send you a catalog next time. If your demonstrator ever drops, I hope you’ll reach out to me. Until then, enjoy! ♥


    Brian has the best product shares and I’ve researched quite a few. They come beautifully packaged and only Brian offers 6″ x 12″ dsp. In the past I’ve only gotten the paper, but this time I’m going for the whole shibang! The swatch books are going to make my card making so much easier and more efficient. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

  20. I jump on board everytime the shares are offered. What super way to preview all the new products Brian offers in his shares. I agree with everyone’s positive comments. I never hesitate to order “I want it all” option and never am disappointed. Just fantastic and so reasonable.
    Thank You Brian!

    • You are wonderful, Lisa. I appreciate this kind testimonial and love that you enjoy these shares as much as I enjoy pulling them together. You just can’t beat the kickoff of a new catalog. Oh, joy! ♥ Thank you, my friend!

  21. Love the shares. I always sign up for I WANT IT ALL. The swatch books are the best Great reference. Allows me to play with all the papers. Thanks for sharing Brian. I know it’s a lot of work for you BUT I love it. Can’t wait to see it in person.

    • I’m so grateful, Donna, for your positive feedback. I love pulling these together and delivering these boxes to the post office! Such fun! ♥

  22. I have been purchasing the designer paper swatch books for years from Brian. They are helpful and he does an excellent job of preparing them. They are professionally done.

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