My Paper Pumpkin – It’s Time to Give it a Try

I was THRILLED to share the news of My Paper Pumpkin when it was announced to us at Stampin’ Up!’s Leadership Conference earlier this year (see it here). I even sent out a blog post from my phone while sitting in the auditorium – as all the information about this grand new idea was being revealed to us. $20 a month for a box of pure joy – what a deal! I signed up immediately and really enjoyed the kits that arrived at my door. Quite a variety of projects from month-to-month. As a demonstrator, though, I struggled with how to share these kits with my customers because the kits are a one-time-only offering – they are no longer available for purchase after they are shipped each month (how can I inspire you to purchase the kit if you can no longer purchase the kit I am showing you?). Does that make sense? Over time, I grew a little lazy, unable to figure out the perfect way to market these kits to my customers. I had no ideas…then…

…one day I went lightbulb shopping. Did you really think I’d be so corny as to say that I had a really great idea? Did you think I’d be so silly as to say eureka struck me with the perfect way to market these kits? Nope! One day I went lightbulb shopping. That’s when I had a really great idea – eureka struck me with the perfect way to market these kits. I was trying to sell the kits to my current customers – people who are familiar with the art of papercrafting, people who already have paper and ink and stamps but who are adding to their collections over time. While some of my customers enjoy the kits, most of them enjoy sharing the kits with other people – one lets her grandson help her to assemble the projects and another uses them as an excuse to get together with a friend.

When Brenda contacted me over the weekend to order kits for several of her friends, it hit me! My customers ARE the perfect people to buy the Paper Pumpkin kits, BUT they might not be the people for whom the kits are intended. Eureka! Here’s why you should buy a Paper Pumpkin kit for yourself AND one for a friend or family member:

  • Gifts are really cool. Who wouldn’t think of you fondly every month when their little bundle of joy arrives at their front door? They are going to “owe you big time.”
  • Add friends to your crafting circle. Do you feel like you are always crafting alone? Do you wish Sarah would just drop her whole “I can’t do it” charade and spend an hour with you, stamping and chatting? She hasn’t tried it but you know she’d love it if she did. Your amazing talents (you are pretty spectacular, by the way) make her feel like she’d never be able to do what you do. The answer might be simple. Subscribe today to send her a My Paper Pumpkin kit. You already know she’ll love it – and she can’t say she doesn’t have time (these are quick and fun kits) – and she won’t feel threatened by your expertise in the art of papercrafting. Before you know it, Sarah will be hanging out with you routinely, and the two of you will be stamping together in perfect harmony.
  • Your very own My Paper Pumpkin club. After you’ve got a couple of friends hooked, you can have them buy their own kits. You’ll be able to host a monthly get together for everyone to socialize and assemble their kits. You’ll be the talk of the town (in a good way) – and if you have all your friends in one room, they won’t be able to talk about you (in a bad way).
  • Gifts are really cool. I know I started my list with this statement, but…your friends and family (once they are avid stampers) are going to be so appreciative of your kind gift that they are going to give you fun and wonderful things. You’ll receive delicious baked goods and movie tickets and rubber stamps from your favorite Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (that’s still me, right?). Where are you going to put all the gifts you surely will receive?

Are you ready to be the toast of the town? Stampin’ Up! is running a special on My Paper Pumpkin, and it’s a really great deal! From now through August 31, you can join My Paper Pumpkin for only $10 a month (plus tax, shipping included) for the first two months. CLICK HERE to go to My Paper Pumpkin, and use the promotion code PUMPKINDEAL to take advantage of this deal. If you are my customer (or if you would like to be), I’d love for you to select me as your demonstrator (Brian King, zip code 30341). Everyone who joins will receive a handwritten thank you card from me (and you can’t place a value on that deal!)

Please contact me at if you have any questions about this offer.

Swatch books and product shares. Swatch books and products shares are in full-swing as we get ready for the launch of the 2013 Holiday Catalog (August 1). If you would like to participate in my shares or order my swatch books (or both), please click here.

2013 Holiday Catalog. The online version of the Holiday Catalog will be revealed Thursday. If you are a customer of mine (or would like to be) and haven’t received your copy in the mail, please email me at I’ll get one in the mail to you right away.

Sneak Peek. I’ve learned my lesson about engaging you in conversation and not sharing (at the very least) a sneak peek at a project I’ve got coming up (y’all did not like that). Here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s project, another card from my Display Board at Convention:Sneak Peek, Remembering Christmas, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

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  1. Laurie Burns Gachewicz

    True on all points!! Paper Pumpkin IS fun & it is a great excuse to get together with friends… I’m a believer!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. I think your gift ideas are great ideas. My $10. Paper Pumpkin should be on it`s way to me soon. And isn`t that the cutest name ?

  3. What a great idea. I think I’ll dig out my Christmas List at least and see if anyone would LOVE a Paper Pumpkin kit. Thanks a bunch! Can’t wait to see that “blue” card.

  4. I just ordered my paper pumpkin Brian! I can’t wait to start creating!!!! And of course I selected you as my demonstrator!

    Oodles of hugs! Taylor

  5. Brian, I have thought of sending paper pumpkin to a friend as a gift, or having a customer to purchase for her mother as a gift but there is not way for that to be set up with the current system. (unless I have missed it) You order and you pay with your credit card and it is automatically sent each month and charged back to the original card. I wish they would allow someone to purchase a certain number of kits, pay for them and then transfer payment if they want to continue. There needs to be something set up like the fruit basket, cheese, wine, etc delivery of the month paid for by the giver. I could see a lot of these being sent as “Christmas gifts” or “birthday gifts” that keep on coming all year long. Use your influence………:)

  6. What are all the ins and outs of a crafting circle. I’ve never heard of this before.

    • In this instance, I refer to a crafting circle as a group of people who get together routinely to craft. There are knitting circles and quilting circles. There are stamping circles and cropping circles. I contend there could easily be Paper Pumpkin circles. I host clubs (where members commit to buy a certain amount each month and alternate who will receive hostess rewards) if you are interested in joining a virtual club. πŸ™‚

  7. Great idea! Thanks for sharing and for the humor! πŸ˜‰

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