New Video Tutorial – Candy Dots!

I was so happy when Stampin’ Up! released Candy Dots in the catalog last year, but I never knew I’d love them so much!  I have not only used Candy Dots to enhance an image, but I’ve used them to balance a card when I’m almost done – three little pops of color can change the entire balance of a card.

I filmed this video to share some ways I’ve used Candy Dots and to share some tips and tricks for using them in your projects.  Enjoy!

Candy Dots come in all color families (except for the In Colors):

Candy Dots, Stampin' Up!, www.stampwithbrian.comThey work just like Pearl Basic Jewels and Rhinestone Basic Jewels – there’s a little dot of adhesive under each colorful bead.  The video I’ve shared gives tips for removing the candy dots and for lining them up in a perfect line.

Convention 2014.  I am just back from Stampin’ Up!’s 2014 Annual Convention – and it was a BLAST!  I am so honored to know so many wonderful and amazing people, which made the experience so special for me.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing some pictures about this amazing time.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Thanks. Now I am hooked. These will be on my next order. Have a great day in Hot Atlanta. Can’t wait to hear about your fun time at Stampin Up Connvintion.
    Sharon Storm

  2. I love love Candy Dots ! I use them probably too much ,but they are so small and colorful that they just fill in so many places (of course I like the Neutral ones just as much ) Great video on using them ! Big congrats to you on your award at the convention ! Yay for you ! Would love to see what you did for your presentation on stage at some point . Oh, and just look at those throw pillows ….wow !

  3. I’m going to try the squinting tip and see how that works. Do you accept Canadian nickels? I know you love Candy Dots as you even have them on your new pillows!

  4. Maria Rodriguez.

    Well, I haven’t gotten any Candy Dots but I think I will order some soon. Great tip on how to position them just right, that will also work for Rhine Stones or Brads.
    Congratulations on your awards Brian, you’ve worked so hard and it shows!! I also would love to see what you did for your presentation in a near future, you always outdo yourself.

  5. Candy Dots are such a great way to finish off a card. They are similar to brads, but do not have the prongs to show through if you add them on when your last layer is finished. I like the tip you shared that you keep yours in the half size stamp cases! Can’t wait to see all that you have to share from Convention. Congratulations on all of your awards! You deserve every one of them and more!

  6. I am a daily reader of your blog and enjoy it so much. You do such a great job with your videos that I would encourage you to do more. It is nice to see you sort of in person and it’s such fun to watch. Thanks very much for taking the time to do this for us.

    • Thanks! I’ve been doing more and more, but my travel schedule limits me a bit lately. I am getting accustomed to it, though, and will keep making them. 🙂

  7. Hi Brian. I learned three things from today’s quick video: 1) The patented squint technique, 2) how to better store them, and 3) how to line them up better. Thank you for sharing. I always learn so much from you.

  8. Thanks for the idea on using the punch guide.
    And again, congrats on all your well deserved and hard earned awards!

  9. Thanks for the tip on starting with the outside polls before placing the middle. I remember you saying that on your blog before and have used it ever since. I would say, thought that I use my paper pierce tool or a pointy hook tool from my e-cutter to pick up candy dots, pearls and rhinestones instead of scissors. They work great too.


    PS: I have used your three candy dot squinting technique many times, your check is in the mail.

    PPS: Good pillow choices!!

  10. Thanks for a great tutorial Brian. Congratulations again on your recognition at awards nights at convention, I’m so proud of you.

  11. Are candy dots flat?


    • Beth, They aren’t “flatter” than a brad, they just don’t have the prongs in back. But SU also has a ‘base’ for the dots that works like a brad if you’re so inclined. I hope that makes sense 😉

    • Beth – They are like a pearl that has been pressed flat. They don’t press out of an envelope like pearls and rhinestones tend to do. And they are adhered the same way.

  12. I use my paper piercer to pick up those little thing. Works great too but I’ll give the scissors a try! Congrats since returning from the convention, may good things keep coming to you all year.

  13. I love candy dots, too! Thanks for the tip on using the paper piercing guide. I figured out on my own to add the center dot last-great minds think alike and so do ours.

  14. Wonderful tutorial, Brian! Never thought to use my template…great idea! Thanks!

  15. I love the Candy Dots! and using the rule of “3” with Candy Dots really does just finish off a card design when you know the card needs “a little something more” … great video, Brian. And congratulations one more time for all your awards at convention!

  16. Now why didn’t I think of that…the paper piercing card is perfect. thanks for the tip and congrats again for being “all” over the place in SLC.

  17. B- congrats on earning Founders Circle. You are such an positive force and a really funny guy. SU is super lucky you found them. We are super lucky you love to share !!!
    Enjoy your trip ! And thanks for presenting at Convention. Trish N.

  18. Thanks Brian for the tip on placing candy dots- It is much easier to do the ends first, then the center. Wouldn’t have thought of that myself. Just love your videos and tips. Also appreciate you explaining your design “process.” It very helpful!!!

  19. Brian, it seems that no matter what you show me, I learn something new. First, GREAT pillows! (I saw all the comments and just had to put my 2 cents in). Second, I love love love Candy Dots. But, I did NOT know about the template you can use to line them up, nor did I think about storing them in a plastic box. I have rubber bands holding all mine together, and it gets messy. But the best tip I got is… squinting. I squint all the time, but I am sure it’s because my eyes are MUCH older than yours, but now I won’t feel so bad about it. I’ll be squinting for a much better reason; and YOU will get rich off of me alone! 🙂

  20. Stephanie Driggers

    Hi Brian,

    Great video on candy dots. I especially love the way you store them. Can you tell me what size box you have them in? I would really like to order some, since I have struggled with a way to organize those, along with the pearls and rhinestones.

    • I store them in a half-sized wood mount stamp case (available in Annual Catalog). You have to trim a slight bit out of the side of the candy dots packaging, but they fit perfectly. 🙂

  21. Super, super, super video Brian! I’m back on line and trying to play catch up on you blogs. I was in SUCH withdrawal. LOL

  22. Your videos always put a smile on my face. So, you finally got pillows, and now they are being critiqued. Too funny! 🙂

  23. Brilliant!! Where do I send my nickel??

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