Stampin’ Up! Convention 2014: What an Experience!

After my first Stampin’ Up! Convention last year, I was certain I would never experience a more wonderful event.  I was wrong!  There’s so much to celebrate and so much to love about this year’s Convention experience that it’s impossible to capture it all in one blog post.  Still, I’m excited to share some of the highlights with you today.  Woo hoo!

Around 4,000 demonstrators converged on the Salt Lake City Salt Palace Convention Center.  Can you find me in the crowd?  Here’s a hint:  I’m wearing a brown shirt and am positioned right behind Mary Fish’s banana:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King

Holiday Catalog.  Stampin’ Up! revealed the 2014 Holiday Catalog during the opening session at Convention this year.  What a thrill to be there when the cover of the catalog was revealed, when several catalog products were demonstrated and when the books were handed out!  We were also able to purchase several items from the new book – and I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s a picture of the front cover when it was flashed on the screen:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingOne of the most exciting items in the catalog is a gift box punch board.  Mary and I were able to play around with this new tool – SO COOL!  I was super-skilled at following the super-simple instructions.  So was Mary – she’s proud of the box she made:Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingThere are lots and lots of framelits in this new catalog – I can’t wait for you to see them.

My Presentation.  A couple of months ago, I was asked to give a short presentation during a breakout session at Convention.  Without hesitation, I accepted the offer.  Do you recognize this person in the Convention book?

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingMy presentation was about Stampin’ Up!’s Career Plan – a business-themed presentation that lasted about ten minutes.

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingI tried my best to infuse humor and stories into my talk.  It looks like I’m serenading someone here, but I’m only talking…  🙂

Awards Night.  Friday night’s Awards Night is a formal event where the top demonstrators are recognized for achievements in sales, recruiting and leadership.  I was so proud to sit with the other Pals as Mary Fish (I’m a second-level member of her team) was recognized over and over.  Such a lovely woman!

I was recognized for earning Stampin’ Up!’s Incentive Trip to Hawaii (woo hoo!) and for recruiting and leadership.  I was also thrilled to be included in this year’s Founder’s Circle (the top 100 demonstrators).  What a thrill!  I’ve had a wonderful year, and I’ve worked really hard to get there.  While I was thrilled to be recognized multiple times, I was completely excited to see so many of my friends recognized for their hard work.

Check out this silly picture that was taken in the Recognition Room:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingHere’s Stampin’ Up!’s Founder’s Circle picture.  You might not be surprised to see that I am in the very back – at 6’5″, it wouldn’t make sense for me to stand anywhere else.  🙂

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingAll of the demonstrators who earned Founder’s Circle were given a beautiful, quilted purse.  I was fortunate to receive a gorgeous quilted backpack with a Stampin’ Up! red-rubber emblem.  Here’s a picture of my walk across the stage with my bag:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingAnd here’s a fun picture of my group in the awards photo booth (Lisa Pretto, Mary Fish and Ann Schach and me):

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King

Awards night also allowed me to take some great pictures with Pam Morris, my wonderful upline and friend.  OK, so I posed with Pam, but these pictures were snapped by Pal Amanda Merrill:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingStampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King After the Awards Ceremony, Stampin’ Up! hosted an amazing party – a county fair/hodown themed party with a mechanical bull.  I didn’t have a chance to get on the bull, but I did have the opportunity to hang out for a bit with my good friend Shelli Gardner and her husband, Sterling.  If there was an award for grace and class…

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King

Backstage Tour.  You already know Justin Krieger, right?  Justin is my best stampin’ buddy – we met when we roomed together last year and have been great friends since.  Justin won a VIP Backstage Tour – so cool!  He took Wendy Weixler, Maggie Mata and me with him.  On Saturday, Donna Griffith met us to walk us backstage.  We toured the Gardner Family sitting space, sat at the makeup table, viewed all the backstage monitors and met a lot of the behind-the-scenes magic-makers.  Here are some pictures from this awesome experience:

Look who we ran into backstage:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingHere we are at the makeup desk.  Several of the people pictured here got makeovers, but those pictures we accidentally deleted from my camera:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingSome shots from backstage (that’s Carrie Cudney presenting on the mainstage):

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingDonna Griffith took most of the pictures with my cell phone.  She left this surprise selfie for me on my phone, so I figured I should share it with you:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingInKing Royals.  Stampin’ Up! groups get to pick fun names for themselves.  My team of demonstrators is called InKing Royalty.  When I attended last year’s Convention, I was with my upline and the Pals, but I had none of my team members with me.  This year, I was happy to have six InKing Royals along for the ride.  Woo hoo!

Pictured below are Liz Kent (PA), Robin Myren (PA), Kelly DeTomasso (PA), September Gray (AL) and Pam Morris (my upline from GA):

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King

This is Karen Browning (GA):

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King

And Candy Ford (GA):

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingI was so happy to have them in Salt Lake City with me this year.  What a thrill!  I brought gifts for each of these ladies – and Pam helped me to tie bows on the gift bags.  I love this photo of Pam, which has been zoomed in so that you can learn from her amazing bow-tying technique:Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King Other Fun Photos.  Here are some more pictures I thought you’d enjoy.  Most are pictures of me with friends.  Enjoy!

Lisa Pretto (InkBig Academy) and my up-up-upline:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingOne of the only pictures I have with Justin this year.  I photo-bombed his headshot (going for “totally creepy”) in this picture.  I think I succeeded nicely, don’t you?

Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingWith Sam Donald (Pootles), Lisa Pretto and Tami White.  Quick story – Tami White (recently honored by Stampin’ Up! for reaching $1 million in sales) said to me, “You are a rockstar.”  Then she took back her words.  Then she said I could quote her on it.  Then she said she wouldn’t allow it.  Then she OK’d the quote.  I’m not really sure where we ended on it, but I can forever say that she once called me a rock star.Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King Here I am with Heather Cooper, Julie Skotzke and Janet Holmes (four of last year’s five Rising Stars); with Cindy Brumbaugh and Linda Heller; with Ashley Christensen:Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian King With Lisa Curcio, Maggie Mata, Ann Schach and Sharon Armstrong (recipient of this year’s Heart of Stampin’ Up! Award for being an amazing and wonderful person, which she is):Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingWith Becky Roberts, Brandy Cox and Krista Frattin (all three of these gorgeous ladies walked across the stage a lot this past weekend):Stampin' Up! Convention 2014, Brian KingThis has truly been the highlight of my time with Stampin’ Up!  I love the art of stamping, I love the products we sell and [more than anything] I love the people.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I loved walking down memory lane with you Brian through this post and I loved spending time with you. Only 360 more days until Convention 2015!

  2. Cannot believe I found you and Mary right away in that pic of a zillion demonstrators! I sent you a pm on Facebook- headed to Atl in Sept- hope to say hi and swap a card or two. I had to miss convention this year so I am loving the updates!

  3. Wow! How exciting this years Convention highlights! Congratulations on your achievements I know you work so hard to reach your goals! Love the happy faces everywhere it’s a magical time in Salt Lake City for sure!

  4. Thanks for sharing these highlights Brian. Congratulations on all your awesome achievements for the year. All the best for another great year of creating and sharing.


  5. Thanks for sharing, it’s wonderful to see behind the scenes. Hoping you will come down under one year to our convention.

  6. great photos – i am so happy for your successes – here is to another banging year – you are so very talented and lovable –

  7. Oh Brian, what a wonderful post and what wonderful memories you’ll always have. Congratulations over and over to you, my friend, and know that your achievements are so very much deserved. You truly are a wonderful inspiration, a good friend and a Rock Star!


  9. Oh what fun ! Thank you for sharing this fantastic event with us . Love seeing all the familiar and smiling faces ! Gee, now you have some Project Life pictures !!!!

  10. Maria Rodriguez

    Oh Brian, your happy face just jumped at me in that picture among the multitude of faces, Mary’s too!! I also like that picture of the Founder’s Circle, there is no better place for you to stand, right at the top!!!
    Congratulations on your achievements my dear, all of them so well deserved, you work so, so hard to get where you are right now Brian, for you the sky is the limit.
    Welcome home.

  11. What a great post!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us who stayed behind. You really have worked hard and deserve all of the recognition you have received!!!! So glad to have you as my Upline.

  12. Congratulations Brian…You are “The King”!!!

  13. Ooooh. Brian thank you so mash for all your pictures , I want to be in a picture with you in January !!!!! Ok and CONGRADULATIONS MY FRIEND , IM SOOOO, PROUD OF YOU !!! And I found you rite away in that 4,000 stampers !!!!
    Thanks for being YOU !!!!
    Hugs , and love frenchie ,

  14. Congratulations, Brian!! What a wonderful experience! You have accomplished so much this year — you are a rock star! Love all the pictures — someday I’ll get there!

  15. Congratulations on your well-earned achievements! I haven’t been able to do any card making during this past year, but I’ve continued to enjoy the content you provide on this blog. You have the perfect blend of projects and tips, and your fabulous sense of humor appeals big time. Thank you for that. By the way, I liked the comment you made in this post regarding Shelli and Sterling. Although I’ve never met either one of them in person, they exude those qualities in every way any time they make an electronic appearance. All the best to you, Brian!

  16. Looks like a great time with some wonderful people. Thanks for sharing the experience of convention with us. Congrats on your honors, you deserve them!

  17. Bernice Hallack

    Congratulations Brian! I am always excited to see what you post. It was great to see you and your accomplishments recognized at Convention. You truly are a ROCKSTAR!

  18. Such fun seeing these great pictures, Brian! You had to be flying high (pun intended) all the way back to Georgia after such well-deserved recognition this past year with Stampin’ UP! Yet, one more time, CONGRATULATIONS, dear friend!

  19. Congrats Brian!!! It’s always great to just chat for a moment with you. You are so generous with your time, energy and you are an inspiration. Well deserved and have a wonderful year! Hope to see you again in Jan or July. be well – Vanessa Antonsen

  20. Love how you captured your experience and love all the pics! I wish I had been in some and therected to see you receive the well deserved awards! Love ya!

  21. Hey Brian, sounds like you swept the awards. Congrats

  22. Who cares where Waldo is, Where’s Brian? I found you pretty quickly. It was so good seeing you and Pam and a few of the other Pals like Dawn Tidd at Convention. It was a great experience and I clapped and woo hoo’d every time you walked across that stage. I sat behind a member of your downline for the Closing session, and she’s so proud of you and being part of your team. Convention was a great experience, a little overwhelming at first, but exciting. I learned so much, it definitely lives up to the name Inspire Create Share.

  23. Congratulations Brian on all of your achievements! So many happenings at convention this year that I had to watch from the side line. Will make sure to be there next year!!!

  24. Congrats on all the accolades, Brian, you should be very proud! I’ve only just started following you, but I can tell that you put your heart and soul into what you do. Thanks for the inspiration ;=)

  25. What an amazing time you had, and wow so many well-deserved awards! You really are a rockstar! Thank you for sharing, loved all of your pictures.

  26. Brian, you ARE a rock star, and a KING! These pictures are so cool. Congratulations on your well deserved awards. I am so happy we “met” online, after Mary Fish put a link to you on her blog. I love reading your posts and you continue to inspire me every single day. My special treat was meeting you last year at convention, and I know I will go next year. Thanks for all you do…and YOU GO Mr. King! Whoo hoot!!!

  27. Cindy Brumbaugh

    I will be forever indebted to you, Mista King, for showing me how to use Snail Adhesive:) Congrats again on your awesome achievements!

  28. I lost track of the number of times I laughed out loud, for real, reading this account of the BEST convention I’ve ever been to. This year I wasn’t quite so star struck with you and Justin, so I actually talked with you a bit. Now I’m convinced you are my brother from another mother! I sat in the back row of classes all my life so I could have more fun that rest of the classroom, cutting up with all you jokers. I knew my school Principals better than my teachers, I think, from the number of times I got kicked out of class laughing at you guys. Enough about me … what about you the ROCK STAR!!!!! I seriously couldn’t be happier for you Brian. You’re a great teacher, great speaker, VERY creative, and full of inspiration and/or joy every blog post. Rock on Buddy!!!

  29. Congratulations on all your wins and success this year, Brian. You work hard–and make it all look so easy and fun while you do it! You have the big, fun heart (to go in that 6-5 frame!) that makes you far more than a rock star. Talent, ability, and awesomeness–definitely King-material!

  30. Ruth Ann Vincent

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and summary of the Convention.
    I was able to find you and Mary, Justin, and you and I believe-Ann, Kelly,Pam and Karen Titus.
    Linda Heller introduced us to Stampin’Up, one day for a lunch in-service. My daughter(we worked together) signed up and was a demonstrator, until she needed to devote time to grandchildren. That is when I heard of you!
    So proud for you. God bless you!

  31. I found you, Waldo… and standing behind you in a green hat was one of my room mates. Amy, Green hat and braid. Good to bump into to again at convention. Hugs
    Congrats on Founder’s Circle. That’s a real accomplishment in 2 years. WTG.

  32. wow! Brian! Congrats on your achievements in this ‘side job’ you have! Your enthusiasm, talent, and personality shine through in your writing and your creations!

  33. Looks like you had a blast Brian! I’m hoping to go next year!

  34. I always aim for the moon because even if I miss it I’ll be amongst the ROCK-stars. Love you Brian!

  35. It was so nice to finally meet you Brian! Congratulations on all of your achievements!

  36. It was so nice to meet you at SU convention Brian and share in all your wonderful awards,well deserved. You’re right it was a fabulous convention and my first, a great experience!

  37. Yes Brian, great congrats to you. Yippee!

  38. You are truly amazing my friend! I’m so glad that I went to Convention last year and met you! I look forward to our morning chats and I can’t wait to see you again! The picture of you and I is my favorite one! You look a little sinister, love it! 🙂

  39. Congratulations on all of your Stampin’ Up! accomplishments, Brian. You truly are an inspiration.

  40. One of the highlights of the convention, was meeting YOU! You are such an amazing person! Congratulations on your accomplishments–you have come a long way in two years! Keep the journey going–love your posts.
    I also enjoyed meeting all the Pals since this was my first year as a demo and my first convention. I am looking forward to next year’s convention.
    ROCK ON!

  41. Love these photo’s!
    You have got the ‘sinister’ look just right behind Justin lol.
    Looks like you had a amazing time 🙂

  42. This looked so fun and I already am penciling it into my calendar next summer. I wish I was there!

  43. Bridget Trefethen

    Congratulations on all your achievements!

    I would love to hear your business talk. Did it get recorded? You could have answered a lot of the questions I keep kicking around in my head. I’m sure you did a fantastic job on that, too!

    Thanks for sharing the fun of Convention with us!

  44. The experience must have been absolutely mind boggling. All these fabulous photos are so wonderful of you to share. I’m so excited to be a follower of “The King”.

  45. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Congratulations, Brian! What a great 2nd career!!! You know that saying . . . Enjoy what you do, and you never work a day in your life. Wishing you continued success as you enjoy what you do and share what you love (or whatever the SU motto is). Thanks for sharing and adding enjoyment to my life!

  46. Congrats on all your awards Brian. Looks like you had a fantastic time! 🙂

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