DAY TWO: Spring 2016 One-for-One Swaps

DAY TWO: One-for-one swapsWoo hoo!  I’m excited to share ANOTHER amazing collection of cards from my One-for-One Card Swap.  After a couple of weeks of collecting GORGEOUS cards in my mailbox for the swap, I have the pleasure of sharing them with you.  Those of you who participated have already begun to receive your fun mail in return.  This Spring One-for-One Swap was filled with beautiful inspiration, and I know you’re going to love these projects.

If you missed DAY ONE of these swaps, be sure to check them out here:

I love these swaps because they showcase beautiful projects from cardmakers at ALL SKILL LEVELS – some are brand new to the craft, and others have been creating for years.  Please look them over, admire their beauty and then let the creators know how beautiful their cards are (I already know you’ll be kind with your comments, but I am going to request it, anyway).

If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment on the card when it debuts here.  That way, the creator of that card will be sure to see your comments.

The collection of cards might not all have current Stampin’ Up! products, but every card gives good ideas for color combinations, layouts, techniques.  They are sure to inspire you.  Without any further ado, here is the next batch of your beautiful cards:

Ann Betty, Tecumseh KS, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Beth Mitchell, Downers Grove IL, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Karen Olson, Omaha NE, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Judith Hoffman, Lindenhurst NY, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Debby Landau, Scottsdale AZ, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Brooks Beasley, San Pedro CA, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Betsy Dionne, Fitchburg MA, Stampin' Up!, card swap Kiazan Moneypenny, Woodbridge VA, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Leah Savage, Moss TN, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Liz Stillman, Brooklyn CT, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Margaret Ann Hammond, Wilmington DE, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Patti Warren, Manassas VA, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Windy Ellard, Oviedo FL, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Sandra Rice, Los Alamitos CA, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Sally Grisson, Viera FL, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Rosemary Watkins, Wichita KS, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Robyn Carter, Omaha NE, Stampin' Up!, card swap

Wowza!  Those are amazing, right?  What do YOU think?  Please leave a comment below to let these artists know how much you love their heartfelt creations.  Again – If you participated in the swap and don’t see the card you received here, please wait to comment on the card when it debuts here.  That way, the creator of that card will be sure to see your comments.

And If you missed DAY ONE of these swaps, be sure to check them out here:

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I like Brooks Beasley’s card and her choice of colors. Watermelon Wonder is one of my favorites and the lacy ribbon is awesome.

    • Brooks A Beasley

      Thank you Jarmila! Mint macaroni and watermelon wonder are two of my favorite colors! I’m sad to see the lace retire!

  2. Well Brian, this is another beautiful batch of cards, I can see you smiling as you opened each envelope, the mail carrier must have been wondering what was going on, LOL!!. I received mine yesterday but I don’t see it here yet so I’ll wait to thank the lady who made it, like you suggested.
    I love your card swaps Brian, what a wonderful way to connect with other people that love this craft from all corners of the Country.
    Thank you for hosting this events my dear, it’s a lot of extra work for you and that is why we appreciate it so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Both days of cards have been beautiful!

  4. Love these beautiful cards. It’s great to see others creativity and I appreciate those who made these cards and you for posting them for us. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hey there ,Leah ! I received your beautiful card . I love the drapery fold technique and have been wanting to try it . Love the beautiful rose inlay . I have your card on display and I love looking at it !!

  6. I have to add another comment ….these cards all have something on them that I want to try . Just a treat to see all of this talent
    Thank you ,Brian !

  7. What a card party of ideas! I love the simplicity of the styles but each packs a beautiful wow!

  8. My card is the radiant sunburst card from Sally. I like the squiggles down the rays of sunshine. Also the gold sequins add a very nice touch of bling. They falling little droplets of goodness to earth. I have to use my sunburst die. Thank you Sally for your wonderful card.

  9. Everyone has done a great job. I especially like the technique Rosemary used with the folded back dsp. The sunburst cards are nice too. Makes me want to add that to my next order. Great cards.

  10. Oh, yay! My gift card is posted today so I can thank the recipient. Windy Ellard, you know who you are! I was so thrilled to get a card from one of my idols in the InkBig room on Facebook. Now I’m going right over there to thank her again. But not before I say how beautiful each of these cards is. I always say that church ladies are the best cooks, and I’m saying here that stampers are some of the best artists!

  11. Kiasan’s card is up! Woohoo! I absolutely love that card, sweetie! I have it out for all to admire! Thanks so very much!

  12. Both days of these cards have been wonderful ! I love to see them.
    I particularly like Robyn Carter’s “Bee” card–very fun !
    Thanks Brian for sharing !

  13. Another great day of inspiration! Thank you all who participated!

  14. Day one cards were exciting, but there are so many great ideas in today’s group too. I will have to give the drapery fold a try. It is a great effect. Thanks Brian for coordinating this super swap. Thanks also Helen for your comment. I had fun making that little bee card as I pulled several SU products together. It’s nice the way so many different products can work together so well.

    • Oops!! I forgot to tell Rosemary I did CASE her card washi tape card that I received which was showcased in the first group. I did it both as a “Thank You” card and then again as a “Birthday” card. I love how they turned out and can’t wait to send them to someone special. Thanks for the idea!

  15. Again Brian I have been wowed right out of my shoes with such a phenomenal group of amazing cards. I just cannot pick a favorite as I love them all. WOW!

  16. Again what a great collection. I was lucky enough to receive the card by Brooks Beasly. I love the multiple rose cut outs all over the front. Such a unique take on that die. Thanks Brooks.


  17. What pretty cards! They are all so wonderful! I particularly love the happy sunny card by Sally! Great job by everyone

  18. I received your card Patty Warren and I love it. This is the first sunburst card I’ve seen in person and it would make anyone feel better! Thanks!

  19. RoseMary Watkins

    Hi Brian, love all these cards. I want to shout out to Ann Betty her card is so cute love the colors and the back ground. there is quite a few I will case. can’t wait to see the rest of then.

  20. I’ve participated in three swaps and have a goal of participating in more of them. I learn so much from opening a handmade card from your swaps Brian. (Pictures of cards are also inspiring.) I received Beth’s Clean and, therefore not Simple, card. I love the purple with the stardust accent. I have it on display. Thank you Brian and Beth.

    • Debra, I was wondering how my card was “not Simple”. Could you explain. Thanks for your comments.

      • Hey Beth! My guess is that she wanted to emphasize that the card was clean but not simple (as in super-easy). Your layers of cardstock and ribbon are lovely on this card that appears “simple” to the untrained eye. I can’t speak for Debra, but I’m guessing that’s what she meant. <3

        • Thanks, Brian. I guess it’s all in the words. Simple =easy or simple+uncluttered. I appreciate your comment.

  21. Lovely! I especially like Windy’s and Rosemary’s cards.

  22. Wow! Another set of gorgeous cards. I received Betsy’s, thank you! I love that SU paper with the teapots. It’s so cute! Favorites also by Ann B and Judith H. Thanks to Patti and Sally for new ideas for me to try with my brand new sunburst die. This is fun!

  23. Another group of beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing Brian!

  24. I received my card that Karen Olson made! It really is the perfect card for me! I love the soft colors and the matching and coordinating of the patterns. Im always making flower cards and this one is now one of my favorites! And a big hello to you, Karen, in Omaha! Being from Wyoming it is always cool to connect with someone “out west”! Thank you, Brian !

    • Thanks Candace for such kind words and I’m glad your pleased with my card, it’s a pleasure to shared it with you. I think it is so interesting to see how far (or near) these card swaps take us. (Thank you Brian)

  25. I was visiting family in Chicago, so wasn’t able to comment on the first group. I was lucky enough to get Connie Howard’s Mother’s Day card! I love the combination of the pink and navy; the accents look white in the picture, but are actually a light shade of gray. Wonderful!! I’ve enjoyed all the cards so far–so many fun things to case. I really liked Judith’s use of a busy background. I will definitely case hers!! Another fun thing was to see where all the cards came from. A community of stampers from across the US. Thanks for all your work, Brian!

  26. Brooks A Beasley

    Brian this swap is so fun thank you for putting it together!! I can’t wait to return home from vacation to see which card I recieved!!!

  27. Don’t know why, maybe just my computer but the card I submitted did not show true color of card…it is Blushing Bride, Old Olive and Choc Chip…

    • Sandra, I’m sorry your card didn’t show the correct colors, but it was one I liked because of the strong borders around the layers. That was a great layout.

  28. All of the cards post so far Both Day 1 and Day 2 are fantastic. I love the variety of products that everyone used. I received the card from Judith Hoffman. Her design was clean and simple and the cuts and layers were perfect. These one for one swaps are fun and I anxiously await for my card to come in the mail and have not been disappointed.

  29. I received Liz Stillman’s beautiful Mother’s Day card with the drapery fold technique. You have inspired me to give this technique another try. I love the DSP you used–so soft and subtle. The coloring on the wreath is so pretty and the pearls add the perfect touch. Thank You so much! And thank you to Brian for hosting this fun swap

    • Thank you so much Shirley! It was fun to do. All the cards are beautiful so far. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for hosting this swap Brian!

  30. Great cards again! Can’t wait to see the next posting too, since the card I received still isn’t shown….almost as long a wait as it was to get the card in the mail 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!

  31. Talented, gifted and creative! What a great example of artistic work. Thanks for sharing.

  32. These are also amazing cards! The attention to detail…WOW!
    I love them all!

  33. All. Such talent. Great cards w/ such inspiration. Keep up the great work.

  34. Imogene Thomas

    There is my fantastic card from Debbie Landau! I love the colors, but most of all, I love the unusual fold she used. (Still trying to figure out how she did it)

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  36. Great cards. Sorry I found it too late for the project life class. Here is me dilemna one side great and then you turn the page and that’s where I struggle maybe it’s just me but when you scrap book page after page isn’t the same… We’ll have fun ?

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  38. Hooray for Betsy! She is a very creative stamper and loves to share her ideas at our classes here in MA. So excited to see her “published!”

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