NOT the 2020-2022 In Colors

Early in April, things were a bit uncomfortable for all of us as we were adjusting to a new world. To help “lift spirits a little bit” in our Facebook group, Mary Fish invited me to be the guest speaker in the monthly team meeting she hosts for all of her team members (I’m in Mary’s second level, so all of my direct team members are also a part of Mary’s group). She gave me free rein to present whatever I wanted to present, which is an enticing offer.

Mary announced in the chats that the team would have a surprise guest speaker – I created this “masked” head shot with her to accompany her announcement:

Nobody figured it out! As soon as Mary gave me complete permission to share what I wanted during the presentation, my mind went to a naughty place. If spirits needed lifting, then spirits I would lift. I created my own In Colors. Mary  and I shared them as if they were the real deal. Such fun!

We already knew about Bumblebee because it was included in the Ornate Garden early-release. I created two believable colors to build their trust and then shared two completely unbelievable ones. 🙂 Such fun! Here’s a segment of our Zoom call that was broadcast on our Facebook group:

Mary and I are a great team, don’t you think? I feel like I’ve really accomplished something wonderful when she calls me “naughty.” I hope you had as much fun watching this video as I enjoyed creating and sharing the fake colors. It still makes me chuckle a bit. What do you think?! Would you love to see these colors in a future release!?

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  1. Bologna Bouquet! Oh you crack me up!

  2. Suzanne Patt Cullen

    Oh dear, Brian, the Pea Purée reminded me of that Gerber baby food in the little glass jars 🤢 and then I list it 😂😂😂 at Bologna Bouquet! You are such a hoot!
    Thank you for the “laughs” this morning!

  3. Maria A Rodriguez

    Ohh!!! You guys are a riot!!!! Love this video, the names you gave to the new colors first took me by surprise, the “Pea Puree” doesn’t sound nice at all but the “Bologna Bouquet” sounds even worse. The color is exactly as that sandwich meet, LOL!!
    And by the way, Brian, that beard looks fabulous, love it!!! I hope you don’t shave it off, you look very handsome.😊
    Thank you and Mary for the laughs!!

  4. Deanette A Linville

    Good morning! That was too funny! We needed a little laughter! 🙂

  5. LOVED IT ! Plus I love the colors ! Really , I think all of them would be fun to use !! So funny and a great way to start off my SATURDAY !!
    Yay for the comedy team of King and Fish !!
    Modern day Martin and Lewis !!

  6. Brian is the KING of “naughty” but we love him!

  7. That was hilarious! Happy Ham!

  8. That was hilarious! I totally lost it with Pea Purée! So funny!!!! Thanks for the chuckles. We all need it. Keep sharing the smiles, Brian. You rock!

    • Bologna Bouquet/Happy Ham made me LOL, all alone in my home, busting a gut! You are too naughty and I love it.

  9. I think you need to be consulted for color names for the next new in-colors. I’m really disappointed there is no Happy Ham or pea purée.

  10. That was so funny! Pea Puree and Bologna Bouquet! So very creative. I also liked Silver Screen! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  11. Too funny! Even though I had heard the story I loved watching it play out and laughed out loud. Bologna bouquet cracks me up.

  12. You have such a fun personality! I loved the Happy Ham at the end..but it did look like bologna! And Pea Purée..I almost spewed my coffee!

  13. Okay Brian……Talk about a CRACK UP. I’m hoping that someday in OUR lifetime……We see a Happy Ham color. You are the BEST!!!!!
    And PS…….GREAT JOB of you and Mary keeping it straight till the end.

  14. Jean A Bergenthal

    the NOT reveal was soooo funny! We needed that.

  15. That is too funny! What a great way to start a day. Great job of you and Mary. Thank you.

  16. Omg, this was HYSTERICAL. Your ability to keep it together, oh my. You should be a politician!! LOL! Very fun! Thank you for sharing! I need a good giggle today!

  17. That was did a job with those fake colors and names! Thanks for making us laugh then and now!

  18. I love your sense of humor. Brian. Mary’s a good sport to go along with it. You know how to raise people’s spirits. What a fun day, I’m sure. Enjoy the weekend.

  19. That was hilarious Brian. Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh – so good in fact that my cheeks hurt.

  20. Will you be in charge of picking names for next year’s IC’s? I hope so!

  21. Oh Brian, you are naughty!!!! Love the color names. I do kind of like the Pea Puree though. I’m a sucker for all, well most, greens. It really did make me laugh out loud. We are all stampin nerds, for sure. Thanks for the laugh. Oh, almost forgot, I love the new beard look. Covid I assume.

  22. Thanks for the laugh, Brian. I’m gullible so it would have taken me until Pea Puree to figure it out- at least. Maybe this should be an annual post…so funny, but many of us would be onto you.

  23. We all need laughter, especially now….the video was absolutely hysterical!

  24. You made my day. I was laughing out loud. Bologna Bouquet/Happy Ham was so hysterical. Thanks for that!

  25. I really like the “new” colors. Especially the purple. Rename them and use them next year.

  26. Still makes me laugh…..

  27. Pea Purée!! Bologna Bouquet!! Hysterical!

  28. Thanks for the laugh! Bologna Bouquet? I can sooo see it in our next line-up! The beard looks good on you!

  29. LOL , LOL, LOL… omigosh, Brian, I can’t stop laughing!!! I’m surprised Mary stayed as straight faced for as long as she did!!! Silver Screen was great but the others… I can’t stop laughing!!! You’re the best! 😊💌

  30. Selina Kilpatrick

    You had me going for quite a while, I was even writing them down!
    You are a hoot!

  31. What fun you are! I began to question things after the second reveal ,but I gotta say you had me reeled in until the third one. So funny, we all needed a laugh like this!

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