A Herringbone Halloween

So, I got a little ahead of myself yesterday. I was so excited to use the scraps from my Festival of Prints DSP Stack that I totally forgot time was quickly ticking away for me to use up all my Halloween paper scraps. Argh! You all provided great feedback on how I can use my scraps, but one (thanks, KnitterPam) sent me in just the right direction.

KnitterPam suggested I use the scraps to complete a “herringbone technique” card. I was playing around with the scraps early on and was ALMOST there, but I stopped short. I had seen this pattern but had no idea what it was called so that I could find a tutorial. Now I do. Here’s a card I made with my leftover Howlstooth & Scaringbone DSP:
stampwithbrian.com - Herringbone Halloween.jpg

Tips, Tricks and Reminders:

Herringbone Technique

I found a video for the Herringbone Technique on Dawn Olchefske’s site. Dawn uses double sided carpet tape, but I found that my 2-Way Glue Pen worked really well to complete this technique. Here’s what I did:

  • I trimmed a couple of strips of 1/2″ strips of Howlstooth & Scaringbone DSP.
  • With my 2-Way Glue Pen, I drew a solid line across the center of a 3-7/8″ x 5-1/8″ piece of Very Vanilla cardstock. I glued down a strip of the DSP.stampwithbrian.com - Herringbone technique.jpg
  • I turned the carstock over and snipped the edges of DSP that were hanging over the edges. I then drew another line perpindicular to the first strip and glued down another piece. stampwithbrian.com - Herringbone technique.jpg
  • I added more strips, creating an “arrow” at each point. Glue, add paper, snip edges. Glue, add paper, snip edges. Are you starting to see how easy (but how time consuming) this can be?stampwithbrian.com - Herringbone.jpg

Here’s how the finished page looks (before I added my finishing touches):stampwithbrian.com - Herringbone.jpg

I’ll be honest…(don’t you hate it when people say that?)…don’t you always have the expectation the people are going to be honest? I mean, seriously! I tend to disbelieve people if they start with “I’ll be honest…” OK, back to the card. This pattern looked GREAT as I was making it. When I was done, though, it looked REALLY, REALLY busy. There’s a lot going on. The card needed the image on top of it to remove some of the busyness. Glad I had already planned to use that image. 🙂

On a personal note

This is SOOOOOO nerdy, but I have to give a birthday shout-out to my four-year old. I didn’t make a card for him because he wouldn’t really have an appropriate level of appreciation for a card. Instead, I’m giving him an entire roll of retired ribbon. He will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Happy Birthday, Bandit! Here’s a quick picture from his first birthday celebration. He was a ferocious shark!

Stamp sets: Toxic Treats Papers: Basic Black, Basic Gray, Howlstooth and Scaringbone Designer Series Paper, Very Vanilla Inks: Basic Black Accessories: Labels Collection Framelits, Stampin’ Dimensionals

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you have a great Halloween.


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  1. Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh you have me grinning ear to ear! I’ve made this pattern in a Shoe Box Swap with our demos and was scared it might take all day! But no if those papers are pre cut strips the base went down fast. Love the Card! Two thumbs up!
    You scare me when you were wishing your 4 year old a Happy Birthday. Nice going! Always the element of suspense here!
    Now you better fess up your Monster project or the girls are going to march down to Atlanta and TP your house!

    • I love all the comments I received yesterday and my NEW monster project is using the scraps of paper I have left over. I will have a big reveal when I’m done with the project. It’s YOU, Patti, who should be worried about attacks from the other readers. You should have never let on that you knew what it was about. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this tutorial – I like the effect & look forward to trying it with some of my scraps. 😉
    I’m sure Bandit will love his ribbon! My little man T.C. (Top Cat) was 18 at the end of July & he LOVED his cardboard box & catnip mouse…… hours of fun still to be had even at his age! Happy Birthday Bandit! 😀

  3. Yes … we feared Patti’s project when she brought it to our last shoebox swap. It looked complex and like it would take FOREVER to complete. Precut strips … genious! I agree … the image on the top really took away the business of the card and brought it all together to make it a WOW card!
    PS – Patti … don’t leave without me. I’ll bring the TP!!

  4. This tutorial is awesome – thanks for all of the pics! Love it! 🙂 Love the shark cat, too 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, Brian! your little kitty is precious, his ear popping out of the costume makes it look like the shark is licking his lips, Yummy kitty!!
    I love what you did with this card, looks complicated but I think that, once you have all the paper cut up, the rest will go fast. It looks amazing, thanks for the tutorial and a Happy Halloween to you! I hope the weather gets a bit better, it’s been raining on and off since yesterday and the winds were blowing hard too due to “Sandy” so, if it’s to cold and wet, I might get stuck with lots of candy and that is not going to be a good thing, ughhh!! I tend to buy candy I love, specially Butterfingers, ahhhhh!! Butterfingers…..if the kids in my neighborhood don’t come, I might go to their houses to give them the candy personally.

  6. Happy Birthday, Bandit…That could be his Trick Or Treat costume tonight ! Don`t you like Dawn`s blog ? Good use of the strips … and Patti`s help saved that great DSP from toss out . Now when someone says “Let me Be Honest ” or “To be honest” kind of makes you wonder if they haven`t been before…but don`t we all say it ..? And Brian SU has already shipped my order from yesterday !!! How about that service gang???

  7. Additional comment …I meant the order placed monday… sorry bout that !

  8. Bahaha! LOVE the shark costume! I once dressed my toy poodle in a reindeer costume. The antlers had little red twinkling lights on them. I’m not sure if he’ll ever forgive me. The card is awesome, as usual 😉

  9. I waa thinking herringbone yesterday but couldn’t remember the name either. Great card! Happy birthday to Bandit!

  10. Can’t decide if I like the cat or the card better! They are both adorable.

  11. I just have to be honest here. You are so complex. Cutting paper strips in a herringbone style looks cool. Is it time consuming? Hehe. And your four year old looks like a beautiful cat! I am just being honest. I’ve never said that to anyone before but I was at a wedding once and it was kind of dark and I sat down next to this lady I knew who kept stroking the hair of the pet on her lap and I said “You brought your dog?” She looked freaked out and said “Edna, this is Donna.” Oops, her daughter. Happy birthday bandit!

  12. HBDTY, Bandit! Maybe the ladies who are planning the “TP Your House” event could herringbone all your leftover scraps and send all the cards made
    overseas for the military folks…it would be kinder than the TP thing……just sayin’. LOL!

  13. i think your card takes full advantage of all those wonderful patterns. it worked! is your 4 year old a Russian Blue?

  14. hbty,hbty, hbdb, hbty! Love the card today Brian! So creative. Give Bandit a good scratch on the head from me.

  15. The card is awesome. I love that your cat is in a shark costume!!! Even better that he is “refusing” to look at the camera!

  16. Hi Brian:
    I just love your site. You are such a riot and your directions are so clear and easy to follow. You are my smile every day. I would so love to meet you in person.

  17. Awesome card..love that technique and HB Bandit!!!

  18. Thought I would stop by this afternoon to say I just realized that Bandit is a Halloween cat ..if this is his birtddate …Awesome!!! Hope you both have a fun Halloween !!! And aren`t the trimmers on their way ???? I read on a couple of blogs that they are smokin` tee hee…can`t imagine having a hot trimmer … Is that legal???

  19. What a fun end result — perfect masculine look!

  20. OK…I started reading your blog just a little while ago, and instantly took a liking to you because of your great cards and humour. But you’ve moved even higher in my esteem because of your willingness to give Bandit a whole roll of ribbon (even if it’s retired). I admire your priorities. Happy Birthday, Bandit!!

  21. So I just ate dinner next to a little shark this evening! Only it was a little boy who did NOT like the head on his head AT ALL *Ü* inspite of his mom telling him he was the cutest little shark in all the world lol. Great ideas for strips and scraps are seen in quilting pattern magazines. Now, on to Turkey Day…have a great one.

  22. Thanks for the how-to for a great looking card. And, birthday greetings to your beautiful cat! I do want to share with you, however, that we once had friends whose cat somehow ingested a length of ribbon. It wrapped around its intestines and they nearly lost her. A costly and complicated surgery saved her life.

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