Going…Going…Day Three

Going…Going…Gonna place an order today! 

Wowzers!  Today’s a HUGE DAY!  Today is the last day of the 2013 Spring Catalog and the first day of the 2013-2014 Annual Catalog.  For today only – all three books (Spring Catalog and two Annual Catalogs) are open for business.  Woo hoo!  The order entry system will be down until noon MDT, so don’t worry yourself with trying to enter your order beforehand.  I’m SO excited!  First of all, here’s a link to the 2013-2014 Annual Catalog (just click on the picture):

2013-2014 Catalog

Many of you have been flipping through this gem for a while.  Some are just seeing it live for the first time.  Soak it in.  There are lots of great treasures hidden inside the covers of this book.  Don’t flip too fast or you’ll miss them.  AND don’t forget that the online ordering doesn’t start until noon MDT.

As we get ready for the release of the 2013-2014 Annual Catalog on Friday and prepare to say goodbye to several stamp sets in the 2012-2013 Annual Catalog and 2013 Spring Catalog, I think it’s appropriate to take a step back and share some projects from the past year that feature products that are soon to be retired. I’ll be sharing those with you intermittently throughout the rest of this week.  If you are new to my blog, then these will all be a treat for you.  If you have been following my blog for the past year, these will hopefully be fond memories of projects gone by – but I hope you, too, find something new.

Each project will link back to the original post, so feel free to click on them to take you back to the original post.

Day of GratitudeI had my eye on Day of Gratitude from the very start.  That medallion.  And the cool, retro look of the other shapes in this set just scream out for the browns and yellows of the 1970’s.  I love this set and hate to see it go, but guess what…it’s going.  Here are a couple of projects I made with this set – just to remind you why you need it:Day of Gratitude, Itty Bitty Banners, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingDay of Gratitude, Itty Bitty Banners, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Day of Gratitude, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Day of Gratitude, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

You are Loved

There are some stamp sets that seem pigeon-holed for the holiday or occasion they are designed to celebrate.  You are Loved is one of those sets.  Hearts and flowers just seem destined for February 14.  I absolutely love the stamp with the Happy Valentine’s Day sentiment, but the other stamps are really more versatile – still about love, but flexible to be used in different ways.You are Loved, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingYou are Loved, Bird Builder Punch, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

You are Loved, Bring on the Cake, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Wonderful Mother

A simple trio of sentiments, Wonderful Mother is one of the least expensive sets in the catalog ($8.95 for clear mount and $11.95 for wood).  The sentiments are beautiful and to the point.  I’ve been able to use this set quite a bit this year and am happy with the cards I’ve made.  If you know me, then you know I’m crazy about my mom.  She has truly been an amazing support for me and has taught me to be the person I am.  This set spoke to me before I had any ideas about how to use it.  Here are some ways I used it:Wonderful Mother, Secret Garden, Stampin' Up!, Brian king

Wonderful Mother, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

Wonderful Mother, Stampin' Up!, Brian King

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On Tuesday, I shared the details about how you can enter to win a $100 shopping spree by placing an order with me this coming weekend.  You’ve already studied the catalog and made your wish list.  Why not get an extra $100 of product from the new catalog?  It’s simple and easy.  Click here to find out how you can enter to win.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. Maria Rodriguez

    What a wonderful trip down memory lane!! All of this cards are a treasure Brian, a marvelous way to say goodbye to some of my favorites sets and products.

  2. Every one of these cards is a study in design and beauty . It`s been fun seeing all of these and I am looking forward to all the new ones you are going to create with the new stamp sets . Boy oh boy ….this is going to be a blast off next few weeks with the new catalog excitement !! Fun …fun…fun !!!

  3. As Bob Hope always sang…..Thanks for the memories……. This was truely a treat walking down the creative path of Brian. I agree with Sonny, can’t wait to see what you have to amaze us with in the coming year. Such an exciting day for everyone to be able to order all the new goodies from the new SU catty. Can’t even imagine the high traffic volume the SU servers are going to get with orders being placed. Smokin! I can’t wait! Ready-Set-Order!!

  4. Cindie McDuffee

    Its nice to see multiples of your work all in one day….so many beloved stamp sets, so little time and so many good ideas! Thanks for the daily retrospect this week, Brian.

  5. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Wow! *Love* your cards, Brian!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Carol Carriveau

    Fabulous look back, Brian! I also look forward to what you will be creating from the new catty!

  7. You really have some nice cards. It’s really cool to see them all together!

  8. Laura Knobel-Piehl

    Wow oh wow oh wow. I LOVE your Day of Gratitude cards. All of em! I love that set. I’ve been having fun with it using bits and pieces here and there. But I love especially the first one. Great job!

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