The Countdown Begins…Don’t Miss Out!

Boy, oh, boy!  There’s a lot to cover today, and I’m excited to share it all with you.  With the release of Stampin’ Up!’s 2014 Holiday Catalog tomorrow and the end of some really great promotions just around the corner, I want to take this opportunity to give you a quick recap of the wonderful promotions.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.  I’m going to also share a recap of some of my favorite projects with items from the Holiday Catalog.

Current Promotions.  With all the excitement over the Holiday Catalog, I want to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the great promotions that are ending soon.

  • Short & Sweet.  This AMAZING Join Promotion ends tomorrow, August 28.  Not only can you select from $150 in product when you buy the $99 starter kit, but you will also get free shipping.  With no commitment after that, how can you beat that deal?  Add in a 30% discount on your first order over $150 and a 20% discount on all orders after that – how can you NOT sign up.  Please email me at [email protected] if you have ever considered joining (or re-joining).  Whether you are a hobbyist or want to build a business, I welcome you to my wonderful group.  That’s the short & sweet of it.  🙂
  • Buy a Big Shot and get a free bundle. 15% discounts for everyone else! Get your free bundle.

    Big Shot Promotion.  All month long, I’ve been promoting the Big Shot and the awesome bundles you can earn FREE when you buy this amazing tool.  If you already have a Big Shot, you can get the bundles at a discount.  This promotion ends at the end of the month, which is just around the corner.  You don’t want to miss this promotion!  For more information, click here.  I love you.  Did you see that?  Are you reading this entire post?  If so, please leave a comment about penguins in the Comments Section below.

  • 2014 Designer Series Swatch Books, Brian KingSwatch Books and Product Shares.  There’s still time to “get in” on the first round of my Product Shares and Designer Series Paper Swatch Books.  Shares are a terrific way to get a light sampling of the papers, ribbons and accessories in the Holiday Catalog.  Swatch Books are a great reference tool for designers and sales tool for demonstrators.  To order or for more information, please click here.

Holiday Projects.  I will be sharing Design Team cards tomorrow and Friday, so I wanted to offer you this retrospective of cards I’ve already made with products from the Holiday Catalog – this baby goes live on Thursday.  WOO HOO!  I hope this is inspiration for you to add a little more to your list.  🙂  You can click on any of these pictures to read more from my initial post.

Christmas CheerCheerful Christmas, Wintertime, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, PPA213For All ThingsFor All Things, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, PP205Freaky Friends, Mingle All the WayFreaky Friends, Mingle All the Way, Holiday Invitation, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, FMS147Bright & BeautifulBright & Beautiful, Beauty of the Season, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingVisions of SantaVisions of Santa, Partridge & Pears, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM120Bright & Beautiful and Letterpress WinterBright & Beautiful, Letterpress Winter, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, FMS148Santa StacheSanta Stache, Petite Pairs, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingOrnamental PineOrnamental Pine, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, MM121

Partridge & PearsPartridge & Pears, Stampin' Up!, Brian King, FMS150There are lots more on their way, but these are some of my favorites so far.  I hope this showcase of cards from the past month will inspire you and help you to narrow down (or build up) your wish list.

As always, please email me at [email protected]

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  1. Penguins are fun to watch! Read it word for word and always love your style!

  2. I love you too, penguin dude!
    I wish I had your patience and skill for fussy cutting, Brian! I *adore* your spooky eyes hallowe’en card, and it kind of makes me wish I had that stamp set. My concern would be whether I would use it enough to justify the cost, and my heart says “oh yes, definitely” but my head says, “I think not!!”. I have to say I reckon my head is right on this one 🙁 I have so many sets I have loved and bought, and have then never seen ink… So I will satisfy myself with drooling over your gorgeous spooky-grumpy eyes, and congratulate you on the fabulous use of the Project Life die. I would not have thought to use it as a vertical panel, but now I will have more scope for using it in making my own Project Life cards! I love that system 🙂
    Thanks for all the inspiration! xxx

  3. Jennifer Partridge

    Hi Brian,

    Too bad there aren’t any penguins in the Holiday Catalog! 😉 Love all your cards so far, but being a “partridge” I am partial to your last one!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Crafty hugs,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  4. We love you too 😉 and I know you’ll find a clever way to create penguins with all the new products! Have a great day!

  5. Funny you should mention penguins, I just made a card with one yesterday (a penguin stamp; not an actual penguin as a crafting partner…..) Been enjoying all your previews of the holiday catalog!

  6. The penguins steal my Peanut Butter at night….

    I just joined in March, started stamping in March… so I’m still learning a lot, and I just love seeing your cards!

  7. One is more beautiful than the next, and thanks for your creative inspiration.

  8. Ha ha! Penguins are cute and you are toooo funny! Great projects. Hope you have a super fantastic day.

  9. Great cards and each one is a winner ! Well, almost each one …. You are right about the Holiday catalog having so many things to choose . It has a lot of fun stamps and punches and framelits and….well, I have a couple of more things I want to get after looking at your cards again !
    BTW…are you going to have your yearly traditional Christmas card swap this year? Inquiring minds want to know ??????

  10. Your cards are beautiful Brian, but all in a row, they are super beautiful. Looking at them again reminds me of . . . oh yes, this detail and oh yes, that detail.

  11. I love your cards and I love penguins! lol. And I would love to meet you in person one of these days.

  12. I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and…I love you, too! Great post today, Mister King. I enjoyed seeing all of your amazing cards again- such talent from a guy who doesn’t even carry Snail in his red bag…Heeheehee:)

  13. Penguins wear tuxedos!!!!!!!! Thank you for the posts!

  14. Love you!!! Baby penguins are as adorable as you.

  15. You know just how to tease your occasional commenters but faithful daily readers into raising our hands and saying, “we are here, we are here!”. Or is that from Horton Hears a Who? But he’s an elephant not a penguin. Opus is my most favorite penguin ever!!
    Gorgeous cards and entertainment every morning. You are the bomb!

  16. Brian you’ve given me many card ideas for this holiday season! My stamping penguins and I will be very busy CASing them all! 🙂

  17. Quack. (What does a penguin say?)

  18. All of your cards are fantastic, but what no penguins???

  19. Love penguins! Should be a stamp featuring them.

  20. I love penguins, and Brian King! 😉

  21. Lovely cards Brian. So clean and elegant. I love the penguins in “Happy Feet”. Have you seen that movie? I also hope to participate in a Holiday Card Exchange. So much fun to see everyone’s unique cards. I love you too!

  22. What a joy to look forward to what you make next, truly a daily TREAT!
    Thank you

  23. Here it is Brian, short and sweet. You inspire me, I’m so glad to be able to say you’re my friend. Your projects make me smile, some make me laugh, while others make me a little nostalgic. Your creativity is a gift, thanks for sharing it.

  24. Brian – I have a really stupid question! When you make these beautiful cards with all the layers, like the “Bright and Beautiful” card, are there seriously 9 layers (or more)? Does it cost more to mail these works of art? I mean, they are absolutely gorgeous, but I was seriously wondering how heavy they get. You do such amazing work! I look so forward to your daily posts!!! If I ever meet you, I will HAVE to get your autograph!!!

    • That’s not a stupid question. Yes, it costs a little bit more to mail a card with many layers, but it also cost me a little bit more to make such a special card so I think it’s worth the additional $ to send it the right way. If I needed to send out 100 cards (for some reason), I would obviously have to simplify. If it’s one card for a special reason, I want to make sure it arrives in a padded envelope so that the end product is not damaged. Might cost me $1.00, but I think it’s worth it. 🙂
      People always complain “it costs more to mail a square card.” That’s true – UNLESS you mail the square card and square envelope inside a rectangular envelope. That makes it easier for me. 🙂
      I would love to meet you someday, too. Where do you live?

  25. Great cards Brian, they all are very beautiful and festive, I love seeing Christmas cards right now, it gets me into the Holiday mode. I agree with everyone here, we are all so very lucky to know you through your blog where you share your awesome creativity and sense of humor so freely and so generously. Thank you!!

  26. Ooops…..I got caught up in the beauty of your cards this morning and I came back this afternoon to see if you read my comment this morning about the swap …..then it dawned on me that I forgot to mention your Penguin ! Sorry ….Penguin …..there I said it twice !

    • We all love you, too, Brian! And I love penguins. I even have some dangly white mother-of-pearl penguin earrings. ALMOST as fascinating as every single word of your posts. Yes, we read every word. Thanks for the fun times!

  27. I really get inspired by your posts! Then again, there are the penguins….

  28. I grew up with a stuffed penguin instead of a teddy bear. Penguins are my favourite!!

  29. teresa c in California

    Love the penguins, and the cards!

    Can’t wait to get new product — so hard to decide!

  30. I have to say, Brian, that all of your works are great. I love the understated elegance of many of them, the use of layers and embellishments and the layouts. Of course you also have the fun ones. You are truly gifted with this form of art! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

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