Take Two: A Weekend of Do-Overs

Sharing new projects every day can be quite an undertaking – while I love to share the cards I make and love to share the tips I learn along the way, my perfectionism can sometimes get in the way. This past weekend, I completed two projects that, for different reasons, didn’t make me happy after I’d photographed them. For both, I went back to the drawing board to change small things about each card. That left me with a project that made me happy. Today I’m sharing both projects – the original and the changed one – to show you how small updates can make a big difference.

Take Two: Stronger Than Most

Here’s the card I shared with you on Saturday – a beautiful flower that I showcased on a gorgeous plaid paper from the Under the Mistletoe Designer Series Paper:

Beautiful Promenade Bundle, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingIf you’d like to read more about this card, CLICK HERE.

That wasn’t my first take on this card, though. Here’s a look at the first version of this card:

Beautiful Promenade Bundle, Stampin' Up!, Brian King version 1Can you see the difference? I’ll admit that it’s a small difference, but it was enough of a difference for me to grab my umbrella to run back downstairs in the rain to work it a bit. As I was editing the photo and writing my post, I felt like the flower (in the second card) was not resting on the band like it should – it felt anxious to me (like it was sitting on the edge of its seat, rather than relaxing into the comfort of the chair). Here’s a comparison of the two (click on the picture for a closer look):

Beautiful Promenade - Take Two, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingJust that little nudge of the flower made me feel better about the card – allowing it to rest on the banner gave me the feeling I wanted from the project.

Take Two: More Than All the Stars

The changes I made to my More Than All the Stars card are much easier to see – this one’s not going to trip you up at all. You’re well-versed enough in stamping lingo to be able to pinpoint the change straight out of the gate. Here’s the card I shared with you on Sunday:

Another Wonderful Year, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingIf you’d like to read more about this card, CLICK HERE.

And here’s the card I photographed and edited before deciding I needed to make a change:

Another Wonderful Year, Stampin' Up!, Brian King version 1As soon as I photographed this card, I knew it was missing something behind the sentiment. This heart from Sunshine Wishes Thinlits Dies was a perfect addition. Since I had already added the sentiment panel with three Stampin’ Dimensionals, I snipped the left side of the heart, and slid the heart under the sentiments to position it behind the panel. I COULD have removed the Stampin’ Dimensionals, but I didn’t want to mess with all that.

Here’s a graphic with a side-by-side comparison (click on the picture for a closer look):

Another Wonderful Year - Take Two, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingBecause I’m sure I’ll get questions, here’s another way of explaining how I got this heart behind this sentiment without removing the sentiment:

  • I snipped the heart along the left side.
  • I slid the right side of the heart behind the sentiment band – all the way to the position of the third Stampin’ Dimensional.
  • I carefully tucked the top and bottom of the left side of the heart behind the sentiment so that they reconnect (just to the left of the middle Stampin’ Dimensional).
  • Once the heart was positioned behind the sentiment, I flipped it back to add a little glue.
  • I smiled at how much this simple change altered my card.

Small Changes

Small changes can make big differences. With a slide nudge of the flower on the first card, I was able to fill a space that was left bare, creating an uneasiness on the card that I needed to fix. It’s likely you wouldn’t have felt like the card was lacking, but that little gap below the flower was very loud to me. The heart makes a much bigger impact but is still a pretty small effort (those are the best!).

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. Seeing both versions was very helpful. Sometimes a person has to take a break or step back to create the best! A good reminder!

    • Thanks so much, Maxine! I’m always working a couple of projects ahead so that the projects can take form over time. Walking away or stepping back is always a good way for me to find the inspiration I need to finish. Thanks! <3

  2. It’s interesting how sometimes we don’t see things about our projects til we see the photos. Yeah, interesting and frustrating. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have loved the “stronger than most ” card just as much in the first version. But the second “love you more” card is far better than the original. Thanks for sharing your process with us.

    • Thanks so much, Dianne! I created both of these cards in one sitting – so glad I had time to make the minor corrections so that they were everything they were supposed to be. <3

  3. Yes, the little tweaks you made do make a difference, but had I been the recipient of either version, I would have been pleased. This is a great reminder to step back, perhaps even sleep on a card design before mailing it and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning to get the best results. Have a wonderful day, Brian.

  4. Awesome “take 2” comparisons. I couldn’t catch the first difference since it was so close (glad you pointed it out). The heart in the second pair was the perfect touch!

    • Thanks, Mary! Once I uploaded the pictures for the first card and noted that blank space beneath it, I was antsy until I could get it fixed. <3

  5. Perfectionism has its rewards! 🙂

  6. I am the same way with my card creating and yet I do not consider my self a perfectionist (but one small thing can result in Pondering ….as Pooh says} I love example #2 and that change was a Pow for me because you created a card “with heart” !! Love that blue heart !

  7. So glad I am not the only one who makes adjustments after I check out the photo! And I do prefer the final version of both cards! You have a great eye for design! Now what can you use the other eye for…….lol…

  8. To be totally honest Brian, I can’t see the difference between the 2 Your Stronger Then Most cards even though I did study them. The second set of cards was obvious and yes, that heart made a huge difference. I guess that goes to show that you are much more artistically astute then I am which is why I admire you so.

  9. It’s amazing to me, that you even knew that there was a difference in the Stronger than Most card. I couldn’t see it either, but when you said you snipped some of the leaves, I could see how that made a difference. But the lowering of the flower? Nope, didn’t see it until you pointed it out. However, I will say that I REALLY love your first Love You More card, just as much as the one with the heart. Both are fabulous! But then…that’s why YOU ARE THE KING! Hugs my friend! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! Maybe I need to let up a little and just let things be – these things stand out to me but don’t seem to make a huge difference in the finished product. <3 Thanks! <3

  10. I always learn so much from you Brian. Thank you for being so giving of your advice.

  11. And these kind of lessons are why I so value your work and your blog! (Not to mention your style, your perfectionism, your sense of humor, and your kindness and sensitivity to all.) Thank you, so much!

  12. Suzie Patt Cullen

    Brian, I couldn’t figure out what you did different with the first card ? (I do love those cartoons in the newspaper where you have to pick all the differences between the two pictures, though!). Who knew that one small sprig of leaves would make such a difference ? The framelit die heart was the perfect backdrop to your sentiment … a solid heart just wouldn’t have done the trick nor would a bit of DSP! Great results on both, Brian!

    • Thanks so much, Suzie! I’m so glad you gave it a try to see the differences. Once you saw it, though, it was evident, right? I hope these types of posts are helpful to people as they design their own cards. <3

  13. Thanks for sharing that even you make cards with which you aren’t happy! After you explained about the flower placement, I totally agree about needing it to nudge down a smidge. Both sets of cards are fabulous!

  14. Awesome card Brian, you are such a fabulous teacher, always inspiring us to create.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.

  15. Toni Leidenfrost

    Love that a “pro” goes through the what if’s … I make cards with my sister… she hates to hear… this doesn’t “look” right from me… sometimes it’s adding, more often it’s subtracting “things”…. Less is more, often the truth for me. As a nurse I always tried to simplify my patient’s home regime….often driving interns( like my husband) crazy…

    • I totally agree, Toni! Often times people add and add and add, looking for it to get better. I often times find that removing things makes it better. <3

  16. I love the 2nd versions of both cards, especially the ‘love you more’ card!

    Since you give such great tips, I have one for you! When I need to reposition something I have already attached using dimensionals or snail adhesive, I use my hair dryer – just heat the card, and the attachment comes right off.

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