Organizing my Stampin’ Blends

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

I’ve been an organizing beast over the past several weekends. Not only am I beginning to sell large swaths of my already-retired products, but I’m preparing the Fungeon (that’s the name of my crafting basement) for all of the new products and product shares that will soon arrive. This place will be ready!

Despite large spans of productive work, though, I find myself sidelined on small projects that are exciting but aren’t helping me with the big-picture overhaul of the Fungeon. Today I’m sharing one of those projects with you – how I’ve organized my Stampin’ Blends. I’m going to walk you through HOW I did it, but here’s the end result:

Organizing My Stampin Blends, Stampin Up! Brian KingWhat do you think? It’s so inspiring to see all of these markers lined up so beautifully.


I’ve stored my Stampin’ Blends in Stampin’ Up!’s Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays, and I couldn’t be happier. These white, plastic trays sit on a shelf at my desk so my markers are always within reach. I love that! Here’s a look at the Stampin’ Up Blends Storage Trays, which includes five white, plastic trays that each hold six markers:

Stampin Blends Storage Bins, Stampin Up!, 149169My configuration for my Stampin’ Blends includes three Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays (I have stacked two columns of seven trays to store all of my markers and two Storage Lids. I also purchased two of the Storage Toppers but went with the flat surface to prevent my impulse to store things on top of the markers towers.

To see all of the Storage by Stampin’ Up! options, click on the image below:

Stampin' Up! Storage, Brian King

Color Order

I keep my paper, inks and Stampin’ Write Markers organized by color family, but I ordered my Stampin’ Blends in the rainbow sequence presented in the 2019 Annual Catalog. Since the Stampin’ Blends aren’t offered in all colors, this order made most sense to me – plus it looks so amazing when they are all lined up like this.

Here’s the order of my markers:

Current Stampin' Blends, Stampin' Up!, Brian KingWith the removal of 2018-2020 In Colors and the addition of some new colors in the 2020 Annual Catalog, I’ll just have to improvise the new order. Can’t wait to get the new Stampin’ Blends added!

Marker Cap Labels

Because Stampin’ Blends are offered in light and dark shades of each color, I found myself pulling out Pool Party Blends to read the sides of the markers to see if they were Pool Party or Soft Sea Foam or Mint Macaron. To slow down the process, I printed strips of letters (“CC” for Calypso Coral and “SS” for Smoky Slate) – I used 8 pt font – and ran the small strips through my Delightful Tag Topper.

Delightful Tag Topper Punch, Stampin' Up! 149518I placed the strip face-down on the punch and watched from the back of the punch to center and punched the labels I needed. I glued the letters to a sheet of mini glue dots from a Paper Pumpkin kit (but you could use regular glue dots) and then added them to the ends of my Stampin’ Blends with tweezers.

Here’s a look at the labels I was about to add to my Mint Macaron Stampin’ Blends:

Organizing My Stampin Blends, Brian KingDo you see the MM’s on the right side of the panel?

While this project was exciting and brings me joy when I sit down to create, I must admit that it didn’t really help me move toward getting the Fungeon completely overhauled. I’ll take that, though, because this makes me very happy.

Shop for Stampin’ Blends

You might have noticed a lot of Stampin’ Blends in the Last-Chance Products section of the online store. That’s because Stampin’ Up! will only be offering Stampin’ Blends in their combos (one light, one dark) starting in the 2020 Annual Catalog. I have to believe that individual markers are a big drain on the inventory system, and I’m happy to help get items shipped faster and easier – especially in these strained times.

The Stampin’ Blends in the 2018-2020 In Colors are, in fact, retiring – it’s just the packaging of the other markers that will change. If you need to restock on single markers, now might be a good time!



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  1. Thanks Brian for the great tip! I created labels for the side of my markers to read easier but had not solved the end cap labeling. Now I have a project for today.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you like it, Linda! While it felt like a slight diversion from my bigger goal, I’m really happy with the results. 🙂 I hope you have fun with it. ♥

  2. Love the idea… I am too organizing, I think we all must be. Thank you for sharing.

    • …and doesn’t it feel good to get everything in order? 🙂 I’ve always said “organizing” is a third hobby along with “creating” and “collecting.” Have fun getting organized!

  3. Sometimes…Most of the Time…We just have to sit down and do what makes us HAPPY. This project turned out GREAT. TFS!!!

  4. i like that your order of blends colors follows the catalog! love the itty bitty labels!

  5. Hi Brian,
    Loved your organization idea about labeling the Stampin’ Blends. I’m constantly pulling out the incorrect color which gets very frustrating.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  6. Stephanie Atterbury

    Wow, that’s awesome!!

  7. Brian,
    what a great idea. I found that Avery has 1/2 round labels that you can run through your printer. I will have them on Monday and will let you know how I make out.
    Thanks for the great tip!

  8. Wonderful idea! Mine are stored in rainbow color order as well, but I rely on my memory to remember the order of the individual colors. This will be my first project when school is over (finally!!).

  9. I am swooning! I LOVE to organize, a big part of my hobby that makes me happy. Your blends look fabulous!

  10. OMG Brian- This was an amazing idea!!! SO helpful and so easy, thank you!!!!

  11. Brian King- king of sharing. Thank you so much. I wondered how I was going to label the ends of my neutrals. But I may take it a little further with my other blends also.

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